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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


rred Compounding

Preferred Comounding rebrand lauch

CEO Ken Bloom and Vice President of Sales Joe Hudson introduce the new Preferred Compounding branding at a staff meeting April 15 in Nashville.

New brand and evolutionary performance values introduced

As of April 19th, Preferred Rubber Compounding Corp. officially became Preferred Compounding. Customers and vendors were briefed on the changes in separate webinars on the 19th.

CEO Ken Bloom said the new look communicates the continuing evolution of the company's performance values, summarized in the new tagline, "Preferred performs. You achieve."

"We've been focusing on providing custom compounding customers with high overall value for a long time," Bloom explained. "Delivering consistently high-quality compounds on schedule is just the beginning. Now we clearly explain how our focus can help customers do more."

In addition, Bloom said the new name reflects how people shortened the previous name. "Everyone calls us Preferred, and we're a compounder, so it's now Preferred Compounding."

For additional details, see the Preferred Compounding brand announcement media release.

About Preferred

Preferred is the premier custom elastomeric compounder serving customers east of the Rocky Mountains. From our four locations, we reliably deliver a wide range of consistent high-quality compounds.

Performance beyond the norm

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver added value in every way possible. When you're a Preferred customer, you'll find our custom compounding is backed by full and custom services and flexible business relationships that provide agility, productivity, confidence and more.

We know: when we perform, you achieve. Find out more here.

Watermill Group

Preferred is a portfolio company of The Watermill Group of Lexington, Massachusetts. Watermill helps companies reach their true potential as thriving businesses capable of supporting jobs and contributing to their local communities.


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