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Friday, August 28, 2009

how to screw your ISO 9000 auditor

Study the new standard ISO 14050: 2009
and ISO 19011: 2002

ISO 19011 talks about:

5 Priciples of Auditing

Ethical conduct
Fair presentation
Due professional care
Evidence - based approach

Managing an audit programme
Audit objectives and Audit Criteria must be clear
Audit Planning
all the above done by HO of Certification body

Audit programme implementation
(Lead Auditor responsibility)
Open meeting

Audit program monitoring and reviewing
Finalizing the Audit Plan made by HO

Closing Meeting and Result declaration

Competence of the audit team

Competence is demonstrated personal attributes and demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and Skills

knowledge includes DOMAIN knowledge,
which is required within the team either by auditors or experts.

How to screw your ISO 9000 consultant

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