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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1. What are the aims and objectives of NABL...?
2. Where is NABL office located...?
3. What are the office timings of NABL...?
4. What is laboratory accreditation...?
5. Why is laboratory accreditation required...?
6. What are benefits of accreditation...?
7. How is NABL accreditation different from ISO 9000 certification...?
8. What types of laboratories can seek accreditation...?
9. Which fields of testing and calibration are covered by NABL...?
10. Which are the other organizations in India providing accreditation services...?
11. Why use an accredited laboratory...?
12. How would NABL accreditation help a laboratory reach out to the global customers...?
13. Is accreditation a one-time phenomenon...?
14. Is it mandatory for laboratories to participate in Proficiency Testing programs...?
15. What is the process for accreditation at NABL…?
16. Who at NABL should a laboratory contact for initiating the process of accreditation...?
17. What are the preparations required by a laboratory before applying for accreditation...?
18. Is there a publication that can guide me through the accreditation process...?

19. What is Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) with international bodies and what are the benefits of such arrangements for the laboratories accredited by NABL...?

20. Does NABL publish periodic newsletters?
21. How can we know of the Proficiency Testing programmes organised by NABL or APLAC ?
22. What training courses are offered by NABL...?
23. How to use NABL symbol...?
24. How does using an accredited laboratory benefit Government and Regulators…?
25. How do I know a laboratory is accredited by NABL…?
26. Why is a laboratory’s technical competence so critical to you as a manufacturer, supplier, exporter or customer…?
27. How does NABL determine the number of assessors that will be assigned to conduct laboratory’s assessment…?
28. What is peer evaluation…?
29. How long does it take for a laboratory to obtain NABL accreditation…?
30. What is the “Scope of Accreditation”…?


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