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Sunday, January 18, 2009

FAQs for Sub-Vendor Approval process in POWERGRID

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1) What is the method for vendor / sub-vendor approval in POWERGRID ?
Details in this regard may be obtained by referring to clause B5.9 of WPPP (Vol. - I) and clause C2.6 of WPPP (Vol.- II) available in POWERGRID's web site
2) Can a vendor / sub-vendor directly submit his proposal to POWERGRID ?
No. The proposal for approval of any equipment / items manufacturer is submitted by the Turn key Contractor clearly indicating his intention to supply the same under any specific contract. The proposal for any sub-vendor for component manufacturers / services for his product may, however, be submitted by the concerned already approved equipment / item manufacturer. Following details / documents are required alongwith the proposal : 1. Registration / License of the works enclosed. 2. Evidence that the proposed sub-vendor is manufacturer of the item 3. Organization chart with name and qualification of key persons 4. List of Plant and Machinery. 5. List of testing equipment to carry out all the routine tests in-house along with their calibration status. 6. List of Raw material, bought out items with sourcing details 7. List of supplies made to other utilities in last three years. 8. Third party approval, if any (viz. ISO, BIS) 9. Copy of Quality Manual (if ISO certified) 10. Pollution clearance wherever applicable 11. Sanctioned load and Back up power/Shed area/Storage area 12. Formats for RM, in process and acceptance testing 13. Type test approvals conducted in last 5 years if applicable 14. Performance Certificates from customers 15. Company Brochure/ Product Catalogues 16. Photographs of factory, plant and machinery & testing facilities. 17. Assessment report by the proposer.
3) Does the vendor / sub-vendor approval ends with completion of supply against Particular LOA/Project ?
Once a particular manufacturer / sub-vendor is approved for supplying item / equipment for future contract also, his re-approval is not required for future contracts and it is listed in 'Compendium of Supplier'. Quality surveillance / audit is also done on approved manufacturers / sub-vendors and in case any major / repetitive non-conformance is observed, the approval may be withdrawn.
4) What is required for re-approval of manufacturer / vendor / sub-vendor ?
For re-approval, the proposal may be submitted by the concerned manufacturer / sub-vendor for review / assessment by POWERGRID.
5) What is Vendor development programme by POWERGRID ?
POWERGRID depending on the requirement may take up vendor development programme from time to time for specific item / equipment. Information on vendor development programme will be available on POWERGRID web site as and when such initiatives are undertaken.



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