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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nasal cleaner - Neti Pot

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Don't just "buy" a Neti Pot... Make it a Successful, Pleasant & Life-Changing Experience!!

" It (Stainless Steel Neti Pot) works much better..... it is larger and gets the water through more efficiently....."

Janeen Miles, San Pablo, CA

" It is the best Neti Pot that I have ever used. The design is absolutely what I needed. The stainless steel material is excellent. I can't tell you how satisfied I am with your product. In addition, your service and delivery was beyond my expectations." Read More

M.Danielek, Glendale, AZ

Neti Pot Testimonials
Neti Satisfaction Comments

Almost everyone who has practised Neti swears by its effectiveness for sinus infection, allergy and ENT problems.

The Neti pot is the only real tool to practise Neti (Jalaneti). Read more on Neti.

EVEN as important as a correctly designed Neti Pot is the importance of getting the technique right + being supported through any possible stumbles that you may have on the way

So, what should you see before buying your Neti pot (also referred as the Netti Pot or Netty pot)??

Read on, to understand what your Neti pot MUST have....

Points to Remember:

Your Neti Pot should be sufficiently large: The neti pot should hold at least 15 oz. (425 ml) of water. A smaller pot will just not hold enough water to wash your sinuses well & thoroughly enough. More importantly, refilling it with water of the same temperature is extremely inconvenient.

It should be right for YOUR nostrils: The Neti pot must have a smoothly tapered conical tip at the spout end. This facilitates support on the nostril walls of varying sizes. More importantly, it minimizes spillage as it "plugs" the inlet nostril.

Your Neti Pot should be UNBREAKABLE: The Neti Pot is something which you will definitely choose to carry with you where ever you go (Just like your tooth brush!!). So please make sure that you are not carrying heavy or fragile pots.

Guidance & Future Support: The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. It is extremely important that you learn to do the technique correctly for the best results and lasting relief. Issues such as “Getting the Flow” and “Drying” should be handled well. So, besides Instructions what you need is an exhaustive troubleshooting guide to answer all kinds of questions that you may have as you move towards becoming adept at the practice.

Features of the "Health and Yoga" Neti Pot:

Unbreakable-Made of Stainless Steel. Extremely durable with Easy Grip.

Neti Pot Reviews

Unique Conical Tip -To minimize spillage by "plugging" the nostril.
Light Weight and optimum size – can hold up to 16 oz. (450ml.) of water. Read what users have to say about these pots by Clicking here.

Lead & Solder FREE – This pot does not use any solder or welding and is Lead free… Another first by HealthAndYoga towards complete user safety!

Accompanied by a FREE 39-page Instruction Booklet - that literally guides you by the hand. Extremely easy to understand yet exhaustive in its scope, read user comments on this “one of its kind” Neti instructions that we receive every single day by Clicking here.

Special price: At US$16.95, The H&Y Neti Pot is cheaper than ANY other comparable Neti Pot. Why? Not only is it the largest and sturdiest pot, but when bought with the Full Neti Video it works out even better. Read Full Video Details.

Your Neti pot is exclusively backed by the "Health and Yoga" Guarantee. To view our guaranteeClick here .
See a quick comparison (based on user feedback) between various pot varieties. Click here

Get it Right....the first time, Everytime!!

Exclusive BONUS :

By choosing ANY of the purchase options below, you are provided Instant access to a FREE customer support and troubleshooting FAQs. With over 200+ questions answered, based on real experiences, it aims to answer any question that you may have. This is "IN ADDITION TO" the Instruction Book that you get with your purchase

With this, as an organization imparting Yoga teachings, we would like to emphasize the crucial importance of Correct Support that you MUST have by the side of Your Neti Pot.

" I was very happy with your product and service (Stainless steel Neti pot and salt). I also greatly appreciate the instruction booklet and online FAQ. I was able to use the pot on my first try (after reading the instructions many times over!)"

S.G, Thornton, CO

Neti Pot Testimonials

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