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Monday, October 6, 2008

Managing a Business in India

Managing Human Resource
Manpower management is an integral part of the process of the management of a business.It is a pervasive function and is performed by all managers at all levels in an organisation .Personnel managers or human resource managers interpret the progressive needs of the organisation and direct individual potential towards a common goal. Today human factor is considered to be the most important resource because the effective utilisation of the other resources of the organisation depends upon the management of the personnels of the organisation. Human resources appreciates in value as the time progresses in terms of acquisition of knowledge and experience.They have inherent dynamism and potential for development.
Managing human resource is a continuous process as there are always some changes in the work force of an organisation.It seeks to focus on the people at work in an organisation,facilitates the development of such human relationships so that each employee derives personal satisfaction and contribute optimally towards realisation of overall goals of an organisation.The changes in the business environment with increasing globalisation, changing demographics of the workforce, increased focus on profitability as a result of growth, technological changes, intellectual capital and the never-ending changes that organisations are undergoing have led to increased importance for management of human resources.The idea of Human Resource Management strategy is that of development of innovation skills and aptitude,improve quality of performance of employees and to reduce costs in an organisation by motivating workers to work harder,applying their best efforts,skills and knowledge towards their work and organisation.
The specific objectives of personnel management are:-
To build and maintain cordial relations between people working at different levels of the organisation.
To ensure effective utilisation of the available human resources.
To provide fair working conditions, wages and amenities to the employees.
To achieve the development of each individual employee to his/her fullest potential.
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