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Friday, May 1, 2009

ISO 9001 - Documentation and Records

An Apex Manual interprests ISO 9001 requirements for your Organization
it will cross reference the following documents

Quality Objectives (Targets for the current year)

which tell the reader what is done
and why
and by whom

if any Work Instructions are made for the Operator, they will be cross referenced here
they will also reference the Specifications for the Product/ Process, and Quality Plans, if any

Procedures will also reference  the recorded evidence (Records)

Quality Plans
These are reference documents developed to guide the doer. They may inclure Specifications

Quality Data
these are reference information, required by the doer

These are recorded evidence of performance of any activity

No where is the auditor mentioned.
All activity and processes are carried out for the customer requirement, statutory requirement and continual improvement of the QMS and thereby the Organizations Products and Services

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