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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The British Standardisation Institute (BSI), together with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), has published a BCM standard : PAS 56 2003. In here, the BCM life-cycle, the interrelation with other processes and English best practices are described. PAS 56 can be downloaded via Continuity/PAS56.xalter. The process model, applied by BCM Academy, is conformable to PAS 56, whereby the following refinements have been applied:

• The process starts with the process phase ‘Policy’. This is a lacking process phase in the PAS 56 life-cycle.

• Awareness (Building and embedding a BCM culture) is a preconditional factor for process implementation.For this the foundation is laid within ‘Policy’ and, as such, is no part of the process.

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Professional skill is required when using a model. For each random model has its limits. After all, reality is often more complex and changeable than a relative simple system. Therefore, it is an important cosideration which form is to be chosen for the organisation itself, what parts are emphasized and in what way the model will be applied in the organisation. By practical experience only with (the implementation of) the BCM process and with knowledge of the organisation’s goals and properties, will a ‘correct’ choice of form and interpretation be possible.

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