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Sunday, May 16, 2010

ISO 22000

In recent decades considerable progress has been made in developing international standards for food safety. Many companies refer to the control of hazards analysis of critical points (HACCP) guidelines to ensure food safety and quality level of production facilities. Many dealers and customers in the food supply chain are slightly different requirements, depending on the circumstances. For example, retailers in the United StatesCompliance with specific requirements and very costly for Food Safetyestablished by the FDA, and gives them to their foreign suppliers, which supply the U.S. market, sometimes expensive for suppliers.

The impact of ISO 22000

Concerns about food safety and emerging standards, ISO, International Organization for Standardization, approved food production safety standards of the food supply chain. The ISO 22000 standard life has been highlighted2005 to meet this requirement. ISO 22000 has become a standard worldwide prestigious food safety more. It lists more than 60 codes of conduct and guidance documents in relation to food.

An informal survey on the impact of ISO 22000 in various fields was conducted in 2008.

Category | Number of Certificates
– Catering | 164
Food Processor | 149
– Milk Processor | 116
– Beverage Producer / Summer | 90
-Meat / poultry processor | 72
– Ingredients | 66
packaging | 54
– Dessert | 51
– Fruit and vegetable processor | 46
– Dealers and managers | 45
– Feed manufacturers | 32
– Seafood Processors | 25
– Bakery | 25

As the table above shows, ISO 22 000 are still widely accepted in retail, But a significant number of restaurants that are small restaurants, large Hotels and school canteens, found to be the standarduseful tool.

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