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Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Participants of ourTraining Workshops can reach the virtual classroom from here.


The official website of Indian Boiler Regulations

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Virtual Classroom for2nd Class Boiler Proficiency Training

Follow-up Sessionsfor Training Workshop conducted at HINDALCO,Renusagar Power Division on"Improving Performance & Reliability in Boiler"
You are visiting the official website of India Boiler dot Com. This Organization was born in the year 2000 with a simple idea of creating a common knowledge sharing platform for the industry professionals. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength and today it offers a multi facet opportunities from which every one can gain.
We invite you to take a look at each of these opportunities and take the maximum advantage from them.
We are still growing...

A unique Training programme to develop Energy Managers through a combination of virtual and real time classroom training. The course also helps preparing for National Certification Examination for EM / EA by BEE
Our Knowledge Management Network connecting industry professionals
An exclusive community for professionals managing Energy
We are offering In-house and Campus Training for Boiler Proficiency and Competency Certificate Examination by Gujarat IBR since 2002 and achieved an excellent success rate.

Get details of all forthcoming Training Workshops . These are the Knowledge Transfer Programmes of POMC, organized by India Boiler Dot Com.

All Training Programmes by POMC have a unique feature, which allows interaction to continue through virtual classroom…. more detail

Boiler is giving trouble? Get the suggestions from some of the best in this Industry. You can also get solutions to any Boiler Problems, Expert's consultancy on Modernization and Up-gradation work of your Boiler system, Steam Generating Plant Efficiency evaluations and Enhancement through our CONSULTANCY NETWORK


A virtual classroom for online O&M Training on Steam Generating System.

Technical Training
A Brief details of our Training activities

Follow-up Sessions through Virtual Classroom for Training Workshop conducted by POMC

IBR Awareness

Know the important regulations frequently required during Boiler operation and maintenance. Down load all the IBR Forms like Form VII, Form XIII etc. Before purchasing any IBR material check with the well known list of Manufacturer, Inspection Agencies etc.

Boiler Forum

This is a discussion forum on steam generating System, which is participated by a large number of professionals and experts from POMC network. Here, one can get solutions to their Boiler problems and also share their own experience with others.

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