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Saturday, October 31, 2009

CE Marking for Machine Safety

CE Marking of Machinery requires a detailed Technical File

QNET's Machinery experts in the UK can assist you in complying with the Machinery Directive and the ATEX Directive. Our registered European Engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of mechanical, electrical, structural, electronic circuit, and software design. They have completed projects on injection molding machines, power presses, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, cryogenic machinery, light curtains, fixed and hand guided power saws, printing machinery, aerial lift platforms, scissor lifts and mechanical handling equipment to name but a few.
Additional Details
Self certification is permitted on all machinery except that listed in Annex IV

Qnet has European engineers to prepare Advisory technical files for most types of machinery.

The Advisory Technical File details compliance with the essential health and safety requirements.

From the first of July 2003, all manufacturers, including those outside the European Union, who wish to sell flame arresters in any of the European Member States will be required to conform to the ATEX DIrective 94/9/EC.

Stop guessing which Directives apply to pumps powered by electric motors or Internal Combustion Engines.

How manufacturers can prepare to meet enforcement questions.

QNET Offers CE Design engineering solutions assistance that satisfy the requirements of European Union Directives.

Yes, Enforcement is taking place.

Authorities expand enforcement action.

The complete Directive.

How to apply the EMC Directive. This is 61 pages long and in PDF format.

The Directive applies to all electrical equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current. Voltage ratings refer to the voltage of the electrical input or output, not to voltages which may appear inside the equipment.

How to apply the Low Voltage Directive


Friday, October 30, 2009



The National Power Grid

The National Power Grid
High-voltage electrical transmission lines in the United States are divided into three separate grids that make up what is often called the national power grid. The three grids cover the contiguous 48 states and parts of Canada and Mexico and are known as the Western Interconnection, the Eastern Interconnection, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Interconnection. The three grids operate independently for the most part but are connected in a few places by direct-current lines. All United States power utilities, except those in the states of Alaska and Hawaii, are connected to other power utilities through the national power grid. Dispatch centers maintain and control the flow of electricity over the grid, supplying electricity to meet the demand.
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IIT Delhi and PGCIL



Monthly Reports

A polymer market synopsis for the month. This report is especially useful during sharp fluctuations in the markets - increases / reductions of prices, force majeures / unplanned shutdowns and scheduled repairs at global resin manufacturing facilities. In such cases it is necessary to understand the right balance of supply and demand in the markets in order to correct buying and selling strategies.

Asian Petrochemical Monthly Price Watch Report - Asian Petrochemical Monthly Price Watch Report
August 2007 - (Includes 64 Pages) Sample Copy




To compliment the subscription programs currently provided by, we are pleased to introduce for the benefit of our subscribers 'Asian Petrochemical Monthly Price Watch Reports' - A polymer market synopsis for the month.

This report is especially useful during sharp fluctuations in the markets - increases/reductions of prices, force majeures/unplanned shutdowns and scheduled repairs at global resin manufacturing facilities. In such cases it is necessary to understand the right balance of supply and demand in the markets in order to correct buying and selling strategies.

The monthly reports are particularly useful for -

» Resin producers planning their monthly pricing strategies
» Processors who need to plan their raw material purchases for the month
» Traders who wish to be better prepared while speculating and planning for their future dealings
» Resin producers planning capacity expansions
» Processors that expand production.
» Producers/buyers/suppliers of polymers & consultants.
» Any new entrant into the exciting and enthralling world of polymers.


  • Notes to Price Watch Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Crude Oil, Naphtha
  • Polymers : LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS
  • Aromatics : Benzene, Toluene, Xylene , Methanol
  • Olefins : Butadiene, Ethylene, Propylene
  • Feedstock : Styrene Monomer, EDC/VCM, PTA, MEG
  • Intermediates : ACN, DOP, 2EH
  • Indian Polymers Market
  • Indian Polymers Market Summary
  • Indian Polymers Price Movement

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Safety equipment Review

Safety Equipment Review
Publisher & Editor : J Dhas
Business Manager : S Ganesh
Technical Editor : D. Joseph Allwin

Dr G S Rao: Head - IT, Lavasa Corporation Ltd., Mumbai
R A Venkitachalam: M.D., UL India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Pramoud Rao: M.D., Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd., Mumbai
Harsha Joshi: Executive Director, Prolite Autoglo Ltd., Mumbai.
R K Banka: CEO, Safcon Security Seal, Calcutta
D Balachandran: CEO, Agni Controls, Chennai
Sundar Kataria: CEO, ICS (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Haresh B Dhoot: Technical Director, Flameproof Equipments Pvt
Ltd, Mumbai
Sudhir Agarwal: CEO, Sudhir Switchgears P. Ltd., Mumbai.
Navin Patel: M.D, FCG Flameproof Control Gears P.Ltd., Mumbai
B K Gupta: Area Manager,Ex-Protecta, Mumbai
R. Veeraraghavan: Safety Consultant, Mumbai
Shree Gopal Kabra: President, RR Kabel Ltd., Mumbai
Ajit Rahavan: G.M. (Middle-East/Asia), Tyco Thermal Controls,
S Maruthappa: Fire Safety Consultant, Chennai
G C Mohanta: Director(Safety & Envt. Engg) DR&DL, Hyderabad
Ranjit Abichandani : Director-Mktg., Myco Exports Pvt. Ltd.,
Dharmesh J. Salot : Director, Vijay Sabre Safety Ltd., Mumbai
Vrinda S Bal: M.D, Automatic Electric Ltd., Mumbai

Suresh G Patel : Slater Electrical Industries, Mumbai
R Sanghavi : Samarath Agencies, Mumbai
Jatin N Desai : Sujathi Electrical Enterprises, Mumbai
C R Athale : Trimiti Electricals, Dombivli, Thane