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Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Quality Management in Coop Housing Societies

CHS – committed to delivering excellent customer service
Monday 22nd eptember 2008

As part of its Customer Focus Strategy, Cambridge Housing Society (CHS) is putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

At a series of workshops, customers asked CHS to hold events to create a ‘dialogue’ between them – the first event was held this weekend at Soham in East Cambridgeshire.

Hundreds of residents and families flocked to the play area where there were fancy dress and penalty shoot-out competitions, a bouncy castle and an inflatable assault course, face painting, Wii games console and a fire engine demonstration. Families also enjoyed the barbecue and ice creams. Mrs S Hope, a local resident and mother of Keanu, 4, one of the drawing competition winners, said ‘this is a real community event – it’s so nice to see everyone having a good time together’.

CHS’s local offices were open for tenants and leaseholders to discuss local matters and find out what services CHS can offer. Members of staff were on hand to answer queries, energy saving light bulbs were given away and a shared ownership home was open for viewing.

Residents made several suggestions for enhancing the area including utilising the local office notice board for announcing community events, using the office for coffee mornings and putting up ‘Slow – children playing’ signs.

Director of Housing & Care Services, Jo Mills said, ‘This was our first family fun day in East Cambridgeshire. We were delighted that so many people joined us for the afternoon, and it was great to meet local residents and hear their views. In the future, we plan to hold similar events in Huntingdonshire and Fenland.’
Posted by Kim for Cambridge Housing Society Ltd.

For more information please contact
Phone: 01223 713 555
Fax: 01223 713 599
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As part of its Customer Focus Strategy, Cambridge Housing Society (CHS) is putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

At a series of workshops, customers asked CHS to hold events to create a ‘dialogue’ between them – the first event was held this weekend at Soham in East Cambridgeshire.

Hundreds of residents and families flocked to the play area where there were fancy dress and penalty shoot-out competitions, a bouncy castle and an inflatable assault course, face painting, Wii games console and a fire engine demonstration. Families also enjoyed the barbecue and ice creams. Mrs S Hope, a local resident and mother of Keanu, 4, one of the drawing competition winners, said ‘this is a real community event – it’s so nice to see everyone having a good time together’.

CHS’s local offices were open for tenants and leaseholders to discuss local matters and find out what services CHS can offer. Members of staff were on hand to answer queries, energy saving light bulbs were given away and a shared ownership home was open for viewing.

Residents made several suggestions for enhancing the area including utilising the local office notice board for announcing community events, using the office for coffee mornings and putting up ‘Slow – children playing’ signs.

Director of Housing & Care Services, Jo Mills said, ‘This was our first family fun day in East Cambridgeshire. We were delighted that so many people joined us for the afternoon, and it was great to meet local residents and hear their views. In the future, we plan to hold similar events in Huntingdonshire and Fenland.’


Thursday, January 28, 2010

flameproof Industry disasters in INDIA

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  1. Do's & Don'ts - Electrical Disaster Management Society

    You are Welcome at Electrical Disaster Management Society - .... should be of ISI mark and flameproof and proper earthing to these should be ensured ... - Cached -

    - 29 visits - Jan 17
    complete info on Product Recalls in INDIA and the World ... Product Recall forum for flameproof products · greatest DISASTERS · vicarious Liability ... - Cached - Similar -
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    Chronology of fire disasters across the Globe. ° Chronology of fire disasters across India ..... "flameproof," "flame-resistant," or "flame-retardant. ... - Similar -
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  4. [PDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    dealing with chemical disasters in India. It is executed by. National Informatics Centre (NIC), ...... pipeline, approval of flame-proof and other ... - Similar -
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  5. [DOC]

    Risk Management for Chemical Industries

    File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
    Though many of chemical accidents have a limited effect, occasionally there are disasters like the one in Bhopal, India, in 1984, where lakhs of people were ... - Similar -
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  6. Workers' Safety of No Account

    by KV Subrahmanyam - 1980 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    fidential by the Government of India, except when major mine disasters neces- sitiated the appointment of Courts .... flame-proof electric equipment is used ... -
    [ Bookmark ]
  7. Risk Management for Chemical Industries

    - Jan 21
    18 Oct 2008 ... Chemical manufacturing sector in India is well established and has recorded a ... of specialized equipment like flameproof etc were ignored. .... 1991 00.11 Medran 1985 India. 25 150 -. * disasters involving damage in ... - Cached - Similar -
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    Industries Co., Ltd. Flameproof explosion-protected type control panel for disaster prevention tank. Iran, Ebara Corporation, Pressurized explosion-proof ... - Cached - Similar -
  9. Hazardous Area Classification

    Any equipment which is originally flameproof may loose its integrity if not maintained properly ... of the above statutory rules in India; Statutory Regulations For Plants Utilizing Hydrocarbons .... IB Geography: Hazards and Disaster... - Cached - Similar -
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  10. Links - Fire Fighting Equipments in India, Fire and Safety ...

    Only company in India having ISI mark for Gas Mask and Canisters. ... spreader, puller, and same are used in case of naturat disaster, road accident, ... A Company Manufacturing portable Flame proof Toarches with UL/MHSA/CSA approval ... - Cached -
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more info on CE Marking

The EC declaration of conformity must include components like :

a) Description of the products.

b) A reference to the specifications under which conformity is declared.

The reference to the specifications does not necessarily mean that you have to test these specifications. Three scenarios are apparent.

i) The product intrinsically meets the requirements of the Directive and does not need testing. Most electronic products are not able to follow this option.

ii) Declaration is make on existing test results. If the products already conform to existing standards such as FCC for emissions and IEC 801 for immunity, then you may be confident that the product will meet the appropriate harmonized standards without further testing.

iii) Test fully to the harmonized standards or choose the technical file route. For complex and new products, this will be costly but is essential.

c) Signatory to bind the manufacturer or his representative.

d) where necessary, reference to the EC type examination certificate for radio transmitters.

Compliance with the CE Mark Directive

There are 2 routes for manufacturer to comply to the CE Mark Directive.

a) Self Certification

Most manufacturer will follow this route which is self certification to harmonized standards. Harmonized standards are those CENELEC or ETSI standards which are announced in the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJEC).

The advantage of certifying against standards is that there is no mandatory requirement for testing by an independent test house. The only requirement is that the manufacturer makes a declaration of conformity as mentioned above which references the standards against which compliance is claimed. The manufacturer have to make sure that he tests the product to assure himself that it does meet the requirements of the standards and this can be done in-house. In the long run, it is cheaper to have its own basic in-house equipments to test the product instead of sending it to an independent test house which is costly most of the time. By having these facilities, it will enable the manufacturer to design in the product to conform to the standards as most of the time, a lot of modification to the product needs to be done in order to conform to the standards.

b) The Technical Construction File

The second route is to generate a TCF(Technical Construction File) which will be held by the relevant authorites as soon as the product is placed on the market and for 10 years after the last item has been supplied. TCF should describe the apparatus, the procedures used to ensure conformity and a technical report from a competent body. It may or may not contain test data. The difference between this route and the first route is that the technical report or certificate is issued by a competent body.

This route is normally taken when existing standards cannot be applied or when testing is not practical because of the size of the product.

This route is also taken when manufacturer decides to apply the harmonized standards in part only, or when the product has been tested to standards that are believed to have met the essential requirements.

Find out other certification marks such as S Mark, VDE Mark, UL Mark, N Mark, F1 Mark here.


for OTHER MARKS, go here

Friday, January 22, 2010

25 years on: NO justice for BHOPAL yet

No justice for Bhopal, 25 years on
A quarter of a century after the world's worst industrial disaster, the Indian government continues to ignore the people of Bhopal
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Anindita Sengupta, Thursday 3 December 2009 11.32 GMT
Article history

It's 25 years since the world's worst industrial disaster struck Bhopal, a town in central India. On 3 December 1984, a toxic leak in Union Carbide Corporation's factory unleashed 40 tonnes of lethal gas into the sleeping town. It killed 3,500 people instantly and an estimated 20,000 have died from complications since.

According to activists, the actual figures are much higher.
The compensation paid by Union Carbide to the Indian government was laughably low: nowhere near enough to pay for the actual numbers of people affected by the gas spill. For victims, getting the money from the government proved a Sisyphean task. For those who did manage to obtain compensation, the measly amount quickly ran out in the wake of new or persistent medical complications, hospital bills, and economic problems compounded by disabilities.

Many have still not been paid.
Worse, the factory remains a contaminated site, its ruins full of toxic waste, its soil rife with mercury, lead, nickel and other metals, its secretions polluting water for miles around. And nobody wants to clean it up. Dow Chemical, which bought Union Carbide eight years ago, denies culpability and the state is eager to prove that the factory site is no longer harmful. As the novelist Indra Sinha has pointed out, Dow and the State are cosy colluders in this sordid saga. Meanwhile, the people of Bhopal are still suffering the effects: skin disease, deformed babies, contamination of soil, plants and animals.

Earlier this month, in a bizarre form of disaster tourism, the government of Madhya Pradesh (the state in which Bhopal lies) announced they would commemorate the 25th anniversary by opening the factory gates for two weeks, in an effort to show the site is safe. They wanted to display "that the 350 metric tonne waste lying in the factory is not at all harmful," as Babulal Gaur, minister for Bhopal gas tragedy relief and rehabilitation, told newspapers recently.

People closer to the ground – and the truth – were outraged. For a quarter of a century, the people of Bhopal have been fighting to get what is their due: adequate medical care, compensation, employment opportunities and a clean environment. They have had to protest, stage demonstrations, cry and wait. Outside courts, outside government buildings, outside ministerial residences and Dow Chemical offices. Twenty-five years is a long time to be stuck in the one horrible moment when life turned itself inside out. The government's latest attempt to deny the truth is not entirely unexpected but it does sink to new levels of subhuman behaviour. It's small relief that they have not acted out the absurd plan yet.

On 3 December, there will be memorial functions across our capital – lots of singing, candle-lighting, swaying with hands on hearts and so on. Then it'll be business as usual for most. For the people of Bhopal, though, the battle will have to go on. The least we can do is remember, and extend our support to them.




Environment and our Heritage protection

let us save the Taj Mahal, go here

about the GREEN BOARD Display, go here

waste management, go here

GPCB Annual Report 2008-2009, go here
towards cleaner air initiative by DELHI, go here
environmental issues, a POWERPOINT pptation, go here
Annual Report 2002-2003: Important milestone in ENVIRONMENT Control, go here
every thing gets worse with COKE, go here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BEWARE: ISO issues strict new guidelines on publicizing ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications

ISO has issued strict new guidelines to assist organizations in publicizing certifications to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system standards.
The guidelines, Publicizing your ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 14001 certification, are intended to help organizations apply good practice when publicizing, communicating and promoting their certifications to stakeholders including staff, customers and business partners, and to the general public.
The release of the guidelines was timed to coincide with the 15 December 2003 deadline marking the end of the three-year period given for organizations to make the transition from certificates of conformity to the 1994 versions of ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 to the single standard that has replaced all three - ISO 9001:2000.
Following the deadline, certificates to the 1994 versions are no longer recognized as valid by the national accreditation bodies that make up the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and lose their accredited status. The deadline and transition were agreed on by ISO and the IAF and announced prior to ISO's publication of ISO 9001:2000 on 15 December 2000.
ISO's guidelines insist upon reference to the full designation of ISO 9001:2000 (and not just "ISO 9001") in order to avoid any possibility of confusion between certification to the now only valid version and to the older standard.
Among traps that ISO's guidelines will help certified organizations to avoid are the misuse of ISO's logo and name in connection with certification. In fact, ISO itself does not audit organizations and does not issue ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 14001 certificates. This is carried out independently of ISO by more than 750 certification bodies around the world.
The guidelines also emphasize: "ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 give generic requirements for management systems, not requirements for specific products or services… ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certification marks of conformity are not to be displayed on products, on product labels, on product packaging, or in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity."
ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden commented: "ISO first published such guidelines in 1993 and they have been periodically updated since then to assist users. We know that we are meeting a market need because, for example, a draft of the latest version posted on ISO's Web site attracted 44 000 visitors within 21 weeks. ISO not only produces useful standards - we also do what we can to facilitate their use."
Last Modified on the 11. February 2009 at 16:30:01 PM
last modified


ISO 9001: 2008 Deadline is nearing

A new version of ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2008), the world's most widely used quality management system standard, was published on November 14th 2008 and is now available.The changes to the standard are considered to be small and fairly insignificant with few changes being required to most organizations management systems. This is the first change that has been made since the 2000 version was published. The details of all of the changes are clearly documented in Annex B of the new standard.

After eight years of implementing experience of 9001:2000, this revision provides clarifications to the existing requirements and introduces changes intended to improve consistency with ISO 14001:2004 standard for environmental management systems.
The level of changes reflect the feedback taken from users which shows the standard has been well received and found the process approach to be both useful and beneficial to their organizations. However, any change to what is the world’s most used standard means that there will need to be some changes made to management systems.The series of questions and answers below should help answer questions about your existing or future certification. ISO 9001:2008 Questions and Answers
When was the standard published?
November 15th, 2008
Where can copies of the new standard be purchased from?
Contact BSI today at 1-888-429-6178orPurchase a copy online at:
Will BSI MS be providing training for clients on the changes?
Yes through an e-learning package:

How will BSI MS help our clients through the implementation from the 2000 to the 2008 version of the standard?
The implementation (transition) period for this standard will be a total of 2 years from 15th November 2008 until the 14th November 2010. Clients must be compliant with the new standard by the end of this period. This will be carried out through initial, surveillance and recertification audits.

The joint IAF-ISO Communiqué states:“Validity of certifications to ISO 9001:2000One year after publication of ISO 9001:2008 all accredited certifications issued (new certifications or recertifications) shall be to ISO 9001:2008.Twenty four months after publication by ISO of ISO 9001:2008, any existing certification issued to ISO 9001:2000 shall not be valid.”What this means is that from November 15th 2008 until November 14th 2009 a new client requiring an initial audit or an existing client requiring a recertification audit have the option of electing to be audited to ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 9001:2008. However, after November 14th 2009 ALL new certifications or recertifications shall be to ISO 9001:2008. Those clients who will only be subjected to surveillance audits during the period November 15th 2008 until November 14th 2010 can select any surveillance audit to be the one used for demonstration of implementation to the new standard.Any client who has not implemented ISO 9001:2008 by November 14th 2010 will have their certification withdrawn as it will no longer be valid.Consequently, sales staff will need to have careful discussions with new clients about the risks involved if they insist on being audited up to November 14th 2009 to the existing ISO 9001:2000 standard. Client Managers will need to carefully plan their audits and both will need to be very aware of the cycle of surveillance selected by their prospective/existing clients as those selecting a 12 month surveillance cycle will most likely only have one opportunity to implement prior to the November 14th 2010 deadline. Planning will be of the utmost importance for new multi-site clients who must complete their initial registration audit for all applicable sites by November 14th 2009.Because of the risks involved with implementation from ISO 9001:2000 BSI MS America, Inc. is encouraging new clients seeking an initial audit after July 1st 2009 to be audited to ISO 9001:2008. However, we are sensitive to the needs of new clients and if you wish to use ISO 9001:2000 after July 1st 2009 until November 14th, 2009 BSI will need to approve such applications on a case by case basis.For existing multisite clients who are not due to have a recertification audit prior to November 14th 2010 any surveillance audit conducted at any site that demonstrates conformance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 will be accepted as conformance of the whole multisite certification and a new certificate can be issued to show the new standard. All other sites will then be audited to the new standard per the sampling plan and shall be in conformance with ISO 9001:2008. Based on past experience BSI is encouraging you to move forward with implementation to ISO 9001:2008 in a timely manner between the periods 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2009. This will ensure adequate contingency is allowed for in 2010 for late starters.

When will certificates with the new standard date be issued?
These will be issued following the next surveillance or recertification visit where the client organization is deemed to be compliant with the 2008 version of the standard.
When can BSI start to assess to the new version of the standard?
From publication date of November 15th, 2008 but officially 1st January 2009.
Are there any new requirements?
No. Both ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) have recognized that ISO 9001:2008 introduces no new requirements.
Is there a quick way to implement the differences between the previous standard and ISO 9001:2008?
Yes. Reference Annex B of the new standard which outlines exactly what the differences are.
How much time will be added to an implementation surveillance or recertification audit and will there be any additional cost?
It will not be necessary to add any additional time to your scheduled surveillance or recertification audit to complete the implementation verification to ISO 9001:2008 and hence there will be no additional cost. However, should you request an unscheduled audit for the verification then additional cost will be involved. Your Client Manager or Sales Representative will be able to advise what this cost will be.
Are there any other opportunities that you can take with the introduction of the new standard?
Organizations might like to introduce the 8 management principles as a way of moving ISO 9001 into the board room. The following gives up to date information on the management principles
For ISO 9001 to work effectively it should be introduced into the whole organization.
Ensuring that the process approach is fully integrated into your management system.
Are the processes that you have interactive? You should be aiming at having one management system.
The standard now makes a small but significant reference to ‘Risk’. This is seen as being a major step forward and something that you should concentrate on as having ISO 9001 systems in place helps to ‘control’ your management systems risks to ensure that you meet customers’ requirements.
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CE Marking info

CE Certification for your product will undergo Safety and EMC tests.
Safety tests will be as per IEC/EN 60950-1
and EMC typically as per EN 55022 and EN 55024 standards.

1) Safety testing at UL India lab, Bangalore.
2) EMC testing at 3rd party labs such as SAMEER in Chennai.
3) Review of Technical file and issue of Certificate of Compliance.

The charges for carrying out the above will be Rs 3.0 lakhs + taxes. Typically 5-6 weeks will be required for complete testing, and we will need 4-5 working samples of the product. Based on your requirements, we will try and expedite the tests.

how to kill the competition: secrets learnt by reading ISO 9004: 2009

If u want to kill your competitor
destroy his SUPPLY CHAIN

his RAW MATERIAL supply
a big Company in INDIA got info that there is going to be a steep hike in Excise Duty soon
So he bought the entire stock of raw material

His competitor had to close shop

his vital suppliers
a Company is outsourcing all the manufacturing processes
and he also subscribes to single source for every process out sourced

He is vulnerable

poaching his KEY PERSONS
offer double the salary these guys get at present

ISO 9004: 2009 advises u to do RISK ASSESSMENT to study the THREATS that cud lead to closure of your business establishment

Ensuring the continued security of your SUPPLY CHAIN is vital


Monday, January 18, 2010

useful LINKS

Safety Equipment


ISO 26000

FREE Download here

Corporate Social Responsibility: Saudi Arabia and International StandardsPublished January 18, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: ,
By: Magnus Gravem
The Global Competitiveness Forum to be held in Riyadh January 24th – 26th 2010, can be argued to be one of many signs indicating that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is gaining increased importance in Saudi Arabia. This annual forum hosts many international guest speakers, and also the King Khalid Responsible Competitiveness Award (KKRCA). This award is a co-operation between a governmental organization, Saudi Arabian General Investment Agency (SAGIA), and two non- governmental organizations, national King Khalid Foundation and the global AccountAbility.
Together, these three different organizations have taken initiative for the Saudi Arabian Responsible Competitiveness Index (SARCI), in which the best companies in different categories are awarded the King Khalid Award mentioned above. SARCI is a program meant to support and assist companies in the Kingdom access new areas of value creation and in this way contribute to the national goal of making the economy of Saudi Arabia one of the top- ten in the world. To reach this goal, one of the key tasks for Saudi Arabian companies is to contribute to the development of human and social capital in the country, and in this way enhance the competitiveness of the Kingdom.
SARCI was first started in mid- 2008, and the first KKRCA was awarded in January 2009. 40 companies participated in the SARCI the first year, and the winners of the KKRCA were National Commercial Bank, Zamil Industrial and Al-Fanar. This year 65 companies are participating, and this years winner will probably have to be even more social responsible than the winners of last year. The initiative it self, and the growing numbers of participating companies, could both indicate that CSR is growing in importance in the Kingdom.
The cooperation between these organizations, two Saudi Arabian and one international, raises some interesting questions about how international standards of CSR (UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and soon- to- be- issued the ISO 26000 to mention a few) will affect the view of CSR in Saudi Arabia.
It could seem as many Saudi Arabian companies see their social responsibility limited firstly to the local community they are operating, and secondly to the national level. I would argue that this affect most of the CSR efforts in the Kingdom. This make the cooperation between these three organizations interesting, especially with the international AccountAbility in mind: Will this contribute to a understanding of social responsibility in Saudi Arabia that also becomes more focused on the regional and global levels? Will AccountAbility, as an global organization, try to affect Saudi Arabian companies to take more global social responsibility?
It could also be argued that another major difference between international and Saudi Arabian standards of CSR, are the core values. The international standards tends to emphasize human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti- corruption as their most important areas of focus, while this do not seem to be as important for Saudi Arabian companies. As of my understanding, these values are not seen as important as other social issues in the Kingdom, and as the SARCI indicates, the development of human and social capital seem more important than it is in the international standards.
What will then happen when international organizations with a focus on CSR are involving them selves in the Kingdom? How will this affect the view of CSR in Saudi Arabia?
Will these international organizations try to affect Saudi Arabian organizations and companies to become more in compliance with international standards? I would argue that this is the most likely outcome of this cooperation, but this raises another question: How will Saudi Arabian actors react to this influence? Will they embrace these new values, and immediately set aside the more “Saudi Arabian” values of CSR? Will they feel that these are ethnocentric values, and that these values might be functional in Western countries, but not work as well in the Kingdom? Or will this be gradually incorporated into the Saudi Arabian understanding of CSR? I would believe that international standards of CSR will become more important in Saudi Arabia with time.
Finally, the last question this cooperation also raises is the total opposite of the others. Instead of asking what the international community of CSR has to offer Saudi Arabia, we could ask what Saudi Arabia can contribute to the international community in the field of CSR. Could the system of CSR in the Kingdom work as a model of social responsibility for other countries? I would definitely argue that there are values in the Saudi Arabian understanding of CSR that, if incorporated by other countries, could make a major positive impact to societies all over the world. Among these values are the importance of the society as a major value in it self, and a tradition of giving not for getting good publicity or any other benefits, but for making a difference for someone who needs it. Willingness to spread knowledge and expertise is also among important values of Saudi Arabian CSR that I will argue could be exported from the Kingdom with positive outcomes.
To conclude this blog, CSR is increasing in importance in the Kingdom, and have especially done so the last couple of years. The King Khalid Responsible Competitiveness Award handed out next week is one out of many signs of this. Still, the understanding of CSR in the Kingdom and the different international standards of CSR differ in many ways, and especially it seems as the core values are different. I argue that this should be a two- way- street, and that CSR- practices in Saudi Arabia have both a lot to learn from international standards, but also have a lot to contribute with to these standards. I believe that there is a graduate change in the field of CSR going on in the Kingdom these days, and that this will contribute to make the Saudi Arabian society better. Then again, I believe Saudi Arabian companies have important values and experience in the field of CSR that could contribute to make societies outside the Kingdom better as well. The Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh next week might be an arena to start off this two- way communication, and 2010 can become the year where this communication begun.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

open letter to Ministry of Defence INDIA

India: An Open Letter to the Home Minister of India
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In a statement in October, the Indian defense ministry said: "the (Sukhoi) aircraft are due .... Translation of an open letter by Chan King Fai (陳景輝), - Cached -
An Aam Aadmi's open letter to the PM: India News
1 Jul 2009 ... An Aam Aadmi's open letter to the PM India news news ... Unlike your first term when you became prime minister by sufferance, ... officers of the police and defence forces and eminent achievers of the - Cached - Similar -
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An open letter to the Prime Minister
An open letter to the Prime Minister. Submitted by vinayras on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 08:28. Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India Room No 152. South Block - Cached -
The New Times - Rwandas First Daily :: Issue 14134 :: Open letter ...
Open letter to Minister of Education. Muhirwa Jean Baptiste ... given a scholarship to India by Rwandan Ministry of Defence to do PhD research work in 2005. - Cached -
GROUP I Apparatus for use in mines: open letter to Ministry of ... - 2:54am
17 Jan 2010 ... open letter to Ministry of Defence, INDIA. if there is fire in Ordinance Depot the dump and all its Stores will be destroyed - 5 hours ago -
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Friday, January 15, 2010

US FDA 510K certification

FDA 510K - Search the database here Assisting Companies Comply With U.S. FDA Requirements

Search Results

  1. Device Advice: Device Regulation and Guidance

    6 Nov 2009 ... FDA, U S Food and Drug Administration. Enter Search terms ... Contact Us. CDRH-Division of Small Manufacturers, International and Consumer ... - Cached - Similar -
    510(k) Clearances
    FDA, U S Food and Drug Administration. Enter Search terms ...
    Premarket Notification [510(k)] Review Fees
    FY 2010 Device Review User Fees (U.S. Dollars) .... FDA will review the ...
    More results from »
  2. ISO 9000, ISO 9001 Training, ISO 13485, GMP, FDA, GLP, ISO 14001 ... offers ISO certification consultants and online ISO training. ... For FDA 510k Premarket Notification Submissions: We will prepare your Traditional, ... CALISO made the standard work for us, they are very experienced with ... - Cached - Similar -
  3. BSI and the US FDA Third Party 510(k) Review Program

    Contact us. Kitemark, Testing, CE Marking and Certification Services USA FDA Third Party 510K Contact our advisors: Tel: +44 (0)8450 765600 ... - Cached - Similar -
  4. Product Certification Services,Product Quality Certification ...

    US FDA. FDA 510K Clearance : For medical devices classified as Class II and III, ... If you wish to get US FDA certification, please send us an enquiry ... - Cached - Similar -
  5. Services & Products offered by Wellkang LLC: FDA 510(k), UL, CCC ...

    Many of FDA regulated devices fall under the medium risk (usually class 2), requiring 510k clearance letter PRIOR TO marketing the product in US. ... - Cached -
  6. CE Mark Machinery, CE Marking Medical Devices, EU Authorized ...

    CE Mark services for medical devices, machinery ce certification and European Union Authorized representative. FDA 510(k), ISO 13485 quality system, FDA US ... - Cached - Similar -
  7. MDD, 510K Approval, CE Marking, Certification, FDA Approval, Clearance

    CE Marking, CE Certification, 510K, 510K Approval, FDA clearances are required. ... requirements and conformance with EN 540 and US FDA GCP requirements. ... - Cached - Similar -
  8. UL FDA 510(k) Third-Party Review

    UL and ICC-ES Dual Evaluation & Certification Program for Building Products ... "UL's prompt and insightful FDA 510(k) reviews have been extremely helpful to ... providing us with their regulatory submission review expertise, ... › Health SciencesMedical Devices - Cached - Similar -
  9. 4C Consulting Pvt. Ltd. FDA 510(k) Review, FDA - Food and Drug ...

    Review of 510(k) submittal on behalf of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), ... Medical Devices CertificationU.S. FDA [510(k)] Third Party Review ... - Cached - Similar -
  10. ISO 13485 Certification, PMA, Regulatory & CE Mark Consultants ...

    Methodize Inc - ISO 13485, ISO 9001 Consulting & Certification ... Visit us at the USA CEO Center in Hall 16, C 04. ... Conducting Mock FDA Inspections. Conducting ISO Audits ... IDE, 510(k) andre PMA support, investigational site monitoring, data entry, statistical analysis, data management, final reports, ... - Cached - Similar -

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