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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MID Directive

Manufacturers and sellers need to comply with theEuropean Directive for Measuring Instruments (EU Directive 2004/22/EC). This means that your instruments shall provide a high level of metrological protection, in order to give confidence in the results they provide.
To prove to your customers that the design and manufacture of your equipment is produced to a premier quality, you can now realize this, through the application of the MID CE Mark.
Typically, the results from these approved instruments shall be repeatable; sufficiently sensitive for the proposed measurement task; the measurement results to be reproducible; the device to be durable and reliable; and, shall be suitable for its intended use.
If you market any of these measuring instruments, you will need to comply with the Regulations:
  • Water Meters
  • Gas Meters and Volume Conversion Devices
  • Active Electrical Energy Meters
  • Heat Meters
  • Measuring Systems (smart metering) for the Continuous and Dynamic Measurement of Quantities of Liquids other than Water.
  • Automatic Weighing Instruments
  • Taximeters
  • Material Measures
  • Dimensional Measuring Instruments
  • Exhaust Gas Analysers
Instrument types and instrument designs covered by the directive must undergo conformity assessment procedures before they are placed on the European market. Those procedures are worked to and delivered by Notified Bodies appointed by the member state and notified to the commission. There are a number of different conformity assessment routes that a Notified Body can provide and the scope of their services can be limited to particular instrument types or sub categories.
SGS can help you to comply with the MID, by guiding you through the maze of regulatory requirements.


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