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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Organizational Maturity

Organizational Maturity through Self Assessment Tools Based on ISO 9004: 2009

Event Description
In contemporary times, organizations are viewed and respected not only for their financial performance, but also for how they care for, and improve with their growth, value for each stakeholder. Modern benchmarking surveys compare companies on a host of parameters ranging from their strategy development, performance management, process management and especially stakeholder management that includes customers, people and with a growing emphasis, the society at large.

While benchmarking programs are commonly deployed for evaluating comparative maturity levels across specific or varied parameters in several parts of the world, these are yet to arrive in India. Secondly BM levels are often not fully defined and are often empirical. The revised ISO 9004:2009 offers a self- assessment tool that offers standardized descriptions at each level of maturity for each parameter, developed through collective understanding of experts from around the world. The tool operates at both the strategic level as well as the detailed elements at operational levels.
Date and Venue
Start Date: Jun 02, 2010, End Date: Jun 03, 2010
Venue: New Delhi, India

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