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Monday, November 9, 2009

corrosion protection

Metcon Coatings & Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufactures sophisticated industrial paints and chemicals for protection of steel and concrete structures in various industries. The manufacturing activity which was started in March 1996 is an off shoot of over a decade's experience of the Directors in the application of cost effective corrosion protection coating system combined with aesthetic appeal for steel & concrete structures, machinery and equipments in high corrosion prone industries such as Dyestuff, Heavy Chemicals, Rayon, Fertilizers, Paper etc. as well as for original equipment and machineries and application for clean room coatings and floorings for Pharmaceutical Industries.
Our annual Capacity is 600 MT.

The company is managed by directors with qualifications and experience in complementary disciplines viz., Chemical / Paint Technology, Industrial Engineering & Finance. The Management is also supported by qualified Paint / Surface Coating Technology consultants with vast experience for keeping the company abreast of technological improvements on an ongoing basis. The manufacturing / development activity is managed by technically qualified production, Quality control and R & D Personnel.

The manufacturing plant is situated in specious factory premises at New Mumbai and conforms to strict safety & pollution control standards.


Rust-O-Solve MCC123

Rust-O-Solve MCC fulfills the role of a ferrous De-greasing, De-rusting and cold phosphating agent. The product is a blend of emulsified solvents, Active Detergents and Phosphating agents.

USed as an ideal Pretreatment chemical for the all ferrous, mild steel based Substrates.
Concrete from, to be diluted before use.
Dipping Procedure :Ideal dilution ratio is part of RUST-O-SOLVE with 3 parts of plain water.
Brushing Procedure :Ideal dilution ratio is 1 Litre of RUST-O-SOLVE with 1 1/2 parts of plain water.

Mix required quantity by volume as mentioned above. Dip the ferrous components for 30 Minutes. Rinse the components and aloe these to air dry. For hard rusted steel provide 60 minutes reaction time.

Overcoating with a suitable Rust-Preventive paint is recomended immediately after phosphating is completed. A grayish ferric phosphate coat will be formed. Lightly dust the surface before painting.

The treated components should not be wetted with water. Any water/moisture/mildew should be wiped with clean cloth. Lightly dust the surface before painting.



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