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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

petfood HACCP

PETFOODHACCP.COM became part of FDA Consulting Services, LLC, to help pet food manufacturers ensure that their products are safe, wholesome, and consistent. As a division of FDA Consulting Services, LLC, each client can be sure they are doing business with a highly motivated team of professionals, where honesty and integrity are number one.


Dec. 1, 2009: Diamond Pet Foods announces recall of Premium Edge Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball cat food »

Nov. 6, 2009: FDA isses health alert on Pig Ears and Beef Hooves pet treats manufactured by Pet Carousel; products may be contaminated with Salmonella »

Oct. 14, 2009: Wysong Corp. issued a limited recall of select canine dry diets due to increased moisture levels and the possibility of mold »

Sept. 29, 2009: Nutro Products voluntary recall select puppy foods »

May 21: Nutro Products announced a voluntary recall of select varieties of dry cat foods due to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium from a production error »

April 2009: View the complete list of all recalled pet food and treats related to the peanut butter recall at the FDA website. »

June 19, 2008: Pet food products seized at PETCO distribution center. »

After the recent contamination of pet foods using domestic and ingredients from China, no manufacturer can afford to accept the word of their suppliers, or written guarantees that the product they are supplying are safe and meets specifications.

Responsible pet owners should help protect their pet from potentially harmful products. While it is impossible to ensure that your pet will never come in contact with unsafe pet food or treats, you can greatly reduce the risk by purchasing product that have a valid HACCP program in place, and have passed a third party food safety audit.

What is Pet Food HACCP? Just as in food for human consumption, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is the most basic of food safety programs that when properly developed and implemented, will greatly reduce the chances of contaminated pet foods from ever reaching the retailers shelves.

What is a Third Party Food Safety Audit? Demanded by all the reputable and larger food stores, It audits all food safety and quality systems. Read more >>

Pet food manufacturers are not regulated by even the most basic of food safety programs, such as HACCP. Most pet food manufacturers simply "react" to outbreaks of illness and/or death rather than taking steps to ensure safe pet foods come off the processing lines.

dog food china poisoning

Most pet owners don’t think twice about the pet food they buy. Very few pet owners stop to consider whether the food they’re feeding their pet is safe or nutritious. They assume that because the food is vet recommended or backed-up by health claims scrawled on the bag and announced in commercials, then it must be okay. After all, they figure, the FDA regulates what we eat – don’t they regulate what our pets eat?

The answer is neither simple nor short. Like most issues of regulation, pet food’s history is long, complicated and, of course, fueled by money. Pet food is a $12 billion industry in the U.S., with exports adding another $1 billion. What is interesting is that despite multiple layers of authority, the pet food industry has enjoyed relatively little substantive regulation.

PETFOODHACCP.COM can help pet food and product manufacturers from injuring your pets by developing, implementing, and training them in HACCP, Sanitation, and Good Manufacturing Practices. A good HACCP Program is a small investment with major benefits that should be embraced by manufacturers and required by retailers.

Set your company's products apart from the competition with a HACCP Program from
FDA Consulting Services. A good HACCP Program will proactively control all potential food safety and sanitation hazards that are reasonably likely to occur.

Proudly display one of our recognized and respected HACCP Certified logos on all your pet food products and give your pet lovers the confidence they demand that their pet food is safe, wholesome and consistent.

FDA Consulting Services, LLC

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