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Wednesday, April 7, 2010





Large-scale stationary industrial tools

Military, national security and fixed installations

My product is bolted down in use. Is it a fixed installation?

New exemptions

Servers and network infrastructure


Ancillary parts

Are extension cables and plug adaptors within the scope of RoHS?

Are LEDs within the scope of RoHS?

Are solar panels/wind turbines within the scope of RoHS?


Do we need to place a mark on our product to show it complies with RoHS Regulations?

Does packaging used for a product need to comply with RoHS regulations?

Is there a RoHS approved Certificate?

RFID chips and security tags

Semiconductor Evaluation Boards

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

We are mostly RoHS compliant but there is one part we have difficulty sourcing. Can we continue to use?

Weighing Machines

What category are GPS units?

Who are the Authorities responsible for RoHS outside the UK in another member state?

Placing on the Market

Can I continue to manufacture items I was manufacturing before 1 July 2006 without modification?

Can I import for own use?

Can I manufacture non-compliant EEE in-house for own use?

Can I stockpile non-compliant EEE for sale after 1 July 2006?

We have a product that is not RoHS compliant. Can we use this as a prototype for use at an exhibition?

What are the rules regarding the repair of product placed on the market prior to 1st July 2006?

Use of Marking Requirements and Logos

Can we use your logo to put on our product/website to show we are compliant?

Do we need to place a mark on our product to show it complies with RoHS Regulations?

If a product carries a CE mark does this mean it is covered by the RoHS compliance criteria or not?

Is there a RoHS logo that we can place on our product/packaging to show our product is RoHS compliant?

We wish to use a label to show RoHS compliance. Does the label itself and the ink used need to be compliant?

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