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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Codex (CAC)

Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme (Codex Alimentarius)

Understanding the Codex Alimentarius
Forthcoming Codex meetings
FAO/WHO training package [pdf 18.78Mb]

Codex poster

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:: Codex web site
:: Codex Trust Fund
:: Global Initiative for Food-related Scientific Advice (GIFSA)
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The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) is an intergovernmental body to implement the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme which was established by an FAO Conference resolution in 1961 and a World Health Assembly resolution, WHA 16.42, in 1963. Its principle objective is to protect the health of consumers and to facilitate the trade of food by setting international standards on foods (i.e. Codex Standards) and other texts which can be recommended to governments for acceptance.

The CAC is open to the governments of all member nations, or associate members of FAO and/or WHO. It currently has 183 Member States.

The FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex (Codex Trust Fund) was launched in 2003. The main objective of Codex Trust Fund is to help developing countries and those with economies in transition to enhance their level of effective participation in the Codex.


The final version of the report of the 32nd Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, 29 June - 4 July 2009

Report of the Evaluation of the Codex Alimentarius and Other FAO and WHO Food Standards Work, November 2002 - English [pdf 3.01Mb] |French [pdf 1.22Mb]

Joint FAO/WHO Workshop on Provision of Scientific Advice to Codex and Member States, 27-29 January 2004, Geneva, Switzerland - English [pdf 408kb] | French [pdf 531kb] | Spanish [pdf 495kb]

Weekly epidemilogical report: Food safety in developing countries - building capacity, April 2004 [pdf 177kb]

WHO and FAO have a recipe for safer food, WHO Bulletin: Volume 81, May 2003 [pdf 37kb]


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