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Tuesday, February 24, 2009



A formal Health and Safety Manual, inclusive of policies and procedures, is a fundamental requirement of standards, regulation and even legislation. OSHA, OHSAS 18001, BS8800.... all share a common theme in REQUIRING appropriate documentation and process for workplace safety.

The question is not only whether you have such a document (or indeed set of documents) but whether it is of the required quality and content. Do you have the procedures, forms, policies, etc?

Fortunately, an outstanding pre-written Occupational Health & Safety Manual is now easily obtainable - one which includes the highest quality:  


Health & Safety Procedures

Risk Assessment Forms & Instructions 

Health & Safety Policies

Requisite Forms

Codes of Practice

Employee Guides

Hazard Tables


In addition to forming a complete manual, the various segments can readily be copied and used stand alone.  


Use the navigation buttons on the left to view the table of contents and sample pages from some of the sections.



 Safety Manual - OSHA  Download The Essential Occupational Health & Safety Manual and Kit 
This outstanding and extensive kit can now be purchased online and downloaded immediately. It is provided in MS-Word format and is designed to allow full tailoring for rapid integration into your organization..


osha manual   Buy The Essential Health & Safety Manual CCOHS workplace safety

Only $179

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Workplace Health and Safety Manuals Online


(We also produce business manuals for: Business Continuity and  Information Security)  


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