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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Product Certification

Welcome to Product Safety Consulting.

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Secrets to Speed Up Your Product Safety Approvals
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Our business is product safety compliance testing and approvals.

We’re glad you found us and hope you’ll find our site a useful tool for your product safety compliance testing and approval needs.

We partner with manufacturers, product developers and product designers in securing worldwide product safety compliance testing and approvals. We work with all of the NRTLs which include UL, Intertek (ETL - Entela), QPS, MET, SGS, CSA, TUV, CE, etc.

We help you with…

Low Voltage Directive MachineryDirective EMC Directive
Safety Testing Compliance Testing
Life and Reliability Testing
Toy Testing and Consulting
Failure Mode Testing FEMA's FMTV
Beyond the Standards

…and much more!

Our safety approval and compliance services coupled with our commitment to excellence in customer service makes us a logical choice for your next product safety compliance and approval work. We take the guesswork out of safety compliance issues, eliminate costly retooling efforts and get your product to mark on time.

There is more to our service than just submitting the product and hoping it will pass the Safety Approval requirements. Product Safety Consulting’s Design for Safety Approvals (DFSATM) process has proven to reduce safety and compliance approval lead times to weeks versus months. And, when talking speed to market, Safety Approvals must be considered.

Many clients use our service in the beginning stage of product development. We sit in on discussions of concept to get the safety and compliance approval needs on the right track. Some clients have already developed their product and need an evaluation for safety compliance. This evaluation confirms safety compliance before product submittal - saving you time and money. Our UL and ETL certified lab facilitates the evaluation process from start to finish. Our safety and compliance approval services are intended to be flexible. Simply put…you can use our Safety Approval service in any way that meets your needs.

To view all of our services, click Services tab.

Or go directly to DFSATM to understand how to Design for Safety Approvals.

View our Secrets to Speed Up Your Product Safety Approvals. As you know having to deal with multiple agencies in different countries can be a challenging task for a product developer. Doing it quickly and cost-effectively can be even more of a challenge. To help meet the challenge, Product Safety Consulting, Inc. offers a periodically updated list of what it calls Safety Approval trade secrets. These secrets are general in nature; the end-product safety standard should be used to determine the precise requirements(s) for an application.

International Approvals is a work in progress. As this section grows it will contain all the worlds’ voltages, receptacles, plug configurations and Safety Approval requirements in an easy to read and understandable format.

Industry Updates will give you the latest information on product safety, reliability, and quality.

Reference Materials is an important resource. This section is continuously growing. In depth information such as Bull and Lawrence’s' skin burn study to help understand safe "touch" temperatures and the Rationale for Leakage Current Limits can be downloaded.

Worldwide Product Recalls is great for searching recalls for particular types of products, failure modes and more.

News Articles & Events will give you headline news from around the world as it pertains to Product Safety Issues.

The FAQs comprise 20 plus years of servicing a variety of companies. If you have any you’d like to add, certainly pass them along.

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