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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glaves Corporation





Newly Introduced
GCD-50C & 75C Model

Production models

Classifier and Air-Knife
available as optional

high productivity
High productivity as compared to other pelletizers in this price bracket.

low power consumption
High torque geared motors are used so that efficient cutting may be done with a lower rating motor which reduces power consumption considerably. Also due to direct drive on rotary cutter there is no wastage of power due to slippage.

rigid design
The cutter is both side supported with heavy duty bearings so that there are no vibrations in the assembly resulting in better gap setting which in turn leads to better chip cutting and increased cutter life.

pneumatic pressing
The top roll is pneumatically pressed onto the strands so that an even pressure is maintained throughout the strand sheet. The pressure is adjustable through a regulator depending upon polymer being processed.

top roller cooling
The top elastomer roll is pneumatically cooled to improve upon its life. The amount of cooling may be controlled by a regulator provided for this purpose.

safety interlocks
Safety interlocks have been provided to ensure proper safety of workers. Cutting chamber can only be opened by switch on operator panel which electronically operates a pneumatic cylinder to release the latch. The cutter automatically comes to a halt if there is an air pressure failure or chamber is forcefully opened.

operator control panel
Operator control panel is designed to provide maximum information to the operator. All variables like actual cutter speed, top roller pressure, top roller cooling are displayed. Indicator lights have been provided to display “No-Air” and “Fault” conditions. There is also a display on inverter for tripping and other power related diagnostics.

cutter material options
Various cutter, bedknife and feed roller materials are possible to suit the polymer material being cut.

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