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Thursday, May 13, 2010

LIST of EMC/EMI testing labs in INDIA

ERTL (W), Mumbai
ERDA, Vadora

SAMEER, Chennai
CPRI Bangalore

Australia, go here

Field and Technical Services
Power / Process Plants & Industry

(Accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, Govt. of India)

Vadodara Laboratory Complex Head Office
ERDA Road, GIDC, Makarpura,
Vadodara – 390 010, India
Tel. +91(0265) 2642942, 2642964, 2642557, 2642377,
3043128-3043131, Fax: +91 (0265) 2638382, 2644923,

Mumbai Office

Brabourne Stadium,
87, Veer Nariman Road,
Opp. Ambassador Hotel
Mumbai – 400 020, India
Tel.+91 022 22820622, 22815376
Tele Fax: +91 022 22815376

Delhi Office

F-28, Pankaj Central Market, Local Shopping Complex, IP Extension, Patparganj Area,
Delhi – 110 092
Telefax: (011) 42175634,

Sonepat Site Lab

Delhi Road
Sonepat – 131 001, Haryana
Telefax. 0130-2236302

Rajahmundry Site Lab

House No. 75/6/9,
Prakash Nagar,
Rajahmundry - 533 003
Andhra Pradesh
Tel. 0883-2421431


An Internationally Renowned Laboratory and Center of Excellence in R&D for Electrical Industry.


To Achieve Excellence by virtue of Competence through R&D, Testing, Calibration, Training and Information Dissemination to Improve Quality and reduce Cost of Equipment, Materials and Services for Electrical Industries, Utilities and Users of Electricity.


Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA) is a cooperative research institution created by the Indian Electrical Industry and Utilities with the support of Governments of India and Gujarat. National in character, ERDA has established its laboratory facilities at Makarpura Industrial Estate, Vadodara. The Laboratories stand in a sprawling area of 25 acres of land donated by the Government of Gujarat. ERDA is a not-for-profit sector cooperative organization.


ERDA is Accredited / Recognized by organizations as under:

· National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt. of India.
· Accreditated laboratory under IECEE-CB Scheme of International Electrotechnical Commission for some Switchgear products and Cables (PVC & Rubber).
Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India for LOCA Qualification of Electrical Equipment
Dept. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.
Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India.
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) for Certification testing of Contactors, Pilot Lamps and Pilot Switches.
Commissioner of Electricity, Govt. of Gujarat for Household Electrical Appliances.
Chief Inspectorate of Steam Boilers and Smoke Nuisances, Govt. of Gujarat. · Charity Commissioner, Govt. of Maharashtra.
Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), New Delhi
Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA)
Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)
Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA)
Energy Management Centre (EMC), Kerala
Directorate General - Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute (DG - FASLI), Mumbai for increased safety motors.
Canadian Standards Association for LT Switchgear & Capacitors.
Department of Explosives, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. India for testing increased safety motors as per IS 6381
Central Boilers Board as “Well Known Remnant Life Assessment Organization”, under Indian Boiler Act, 1950.

Diagnostic testing of 200 MVA Transformer in a 400 kV Switchyard


The crucial concern of power/process plant managements, the world over, is the cost of reliable operation of plants. Setting up of new plants is prohibitively expensive due to stringent environmental and safety concerns, uncertainties of financial return and extended lead times for new plants. The factors cited above have driven the managements to undertake technical assessment of their plant and equipment to prolong their operation. Operation of plants and equipment till the end of their useful, rather than design life, is the ‘Mantra’ being adopted.

Condition Monitoring and Residual Life Assessment are the modern scientific tools which provide accurate condition of Power / Process plant equipment and components.

On-line condition monitoring of lightning arrester
Transformer Assembly Inspection


The major equipment that need to be monitored on continuous basis in a power / process plant are Generator, Turbine and its auxiliaries, Boiler and its auxiliaries, Transformers, Switchgear, Pumps, Fans, Cables, Motors, Lightning Arresters etc.


ERDA’s expertise in this important activity centers around its qualified and experienced technical and scientific manpower and laboratory facilities such as Materials Testing, High Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Testing, Energy Management, Power Electronics etc. The major techniques employed include In-situ Metallography (Replica Test), In-situ Hardness, Fibroscopy, Boroscopy, NDT (including UT, MPT & DPT), Steam Side Oxide Scale Measurements, Videoscopy; In-situ Chemical Analysis, Thermography, Eddy Current Testing, Vibration –, Noise - & Sound - Intensity Analyses/ Measurements, SPM Analysis Thermography, Partial Discharge Measurement on Transformers and CTs by Acoustic Emission Method, C & Tan Delta Measurement using C & Tan Delta Bridge, Partial Discharge Measurement on Rotating Machines by PD Detector, Frequency Response Analysis for Transformers, etc.

ERDA has been recognized by the Central Boilers Board as “Well Known Remnant Life Assessment Organization” under Indian Boiler Act, 1950. The recognition authorizes ERDA to undertake independent NDT & RLA of Industrial boilers, all over the country.


ERDA is providing Condition Monitoring and Residual Life Assessment services to State Electricity Boards, Private Sector Utilities, NTPC, Process Industries as well as various OEMs.


Failure analysis is an interdisciplinary activity involving specialists drawn from the electrical. mechanical and materials science disciplines. ERDA has developed extensive expertise in conducting failure analysis of equipment / components of power and petrochemical plants, the metal processing industry as well as heavy and light equipment manufacturing industry, in general.

In-situ Metallography of Main Steam Pipe


The evaluation tools deployed for failure analysis are, Fractography, Metallography, Chemical Analysis, Corrosion / Erosion Product Analysis, Mechanical Testing, In-situ Metallography, Non-Destructive Testing, FEM, Stress Analysis, etc.


A typical listing of components / equipment on which failure analysis has been conducted by ERDA includes the following:

· Boiler tubes
Turbine blades
Shafts of rotating and reciprocating machinery
Conductors & transmission hardware
Cable / cable joints

Ultrasonic Testing of Boiler Drum DPT of Super Heater Header


Electrical and Thermal Energy Conservation assumes great importance in the context of depleting fossil fuel energy resources, growing Industrial, Agricultural and Domestic demands, losses in Transmission and Distribution Systems and huge financial investments and time factor in building generating facilities. It is estimated that upto 30% of Energy Consumed in productive sectors such as Industry, Agriculture, Power, Transportation etc., can be saved by adopting better equipment maintenance, operational practices and adoption of new energy efficient technologies with very little investments.


With the above background, ERDA set up the Energy Management Section and started providing Energy Audit Services in the Electrical and Thermal areas. Our services have been availed by a large number of Industries in sectors such as power generation (Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Plants), Iron & Steel, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food Processing Industries etc. Besides these, Municipal Corporations and large Hospitals are also availing our services. ERDA has completed over two hundred thirty Energy Audit assignments to date and the savings in Energy Costs experienced by our clients are of considerable value. ERDA’s strength lies in its multidisciplinary nature, as we have specialists and facilities to meet the clients needs.


ERDA has won ‘Best Improvement in Performance’ and ‘Best Energy Auditor’ Awards of Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) continuously in a row for three years. ERDA has also won awards from Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) for two consecutive years.


State Electricity Boards and Utilities, Process Plants, Manufacturing Industries, Municipal Corporations, Hospitals, Large Sports Complexes, etc.

Magnetic Particle Test on Support Springs of Condenser unit of Power Plant Boroscopy of Turbine Rotor Shaft

Main Steam Pipe Failure of Process Plant


The power system operations have already become complex due to many factors and expansion and interconnection of individual systems to improve the reliability has increased this complexity. The operation of the network economically without jeoparding security is the FOCUS of system operating Engineers. Availability of a large number of computer softwares can assist power Engineers in handling the complexities of the power systems.


ERDA has capabilities for solving the problem of Power System utilising Sophisticated Computer Softwares in the areas of Load Flow, System, Stability, Small Signal Stability, Short Circuit Studies, Relay Coordination, Over Voltage Studies, Line and Cable Parameter Calculations, Voltage Instability, Harmonic Content Analysis etc.


State Electricity Boards and other Utilities, Regulatory Agencies and Foreign Clients like M/s. Dhofar Power Co., Sultanate of Oman.


ERDA laboratories are fully equipped with sophisticated testing instruments and qualified and trained personnel to provide a wide range of testing and Evaluation Services as per National, International, Institutional and Clients specifications. These services are available for developmental -, type - and certification - testing of materials and products.


Insulating Materials, Conducting & Contact Materials, Magnetic Materials, Structural Materials, Composites, Ceramics, Coatings, Elastomers, Polymeric Materials and T&D Hardware. Electrical Products like HT/LT Capacitors, LT/HT Cables, Domestic Electrical Appliances and Wiring Installation, Lamps & Luminaires, Rotating Electrical Machines, Pumps, Switchgear and Controlgear Products, Transformers, CTs, PTs, Reactors, Energy Meters, Diesel Engines, etc.


The major test facilities, apart from other routine testing facilities, available at ERDA are:

· On-line Short circuit test facility for switchgears and Distribution Transformers
High Voltage Impulse Testing facility
40 ton IP (Ingress Protection) testing
EMI/EMC Testing
LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident) Qualification Testing
Seismic, Vibration & Shock Testing
RIV corona measurement upto 600 kV
Calibration of EHV measuring system at site


EMI/EMC Laboratory

ID Home

CPRI has setup the comprehensive test facility for EMI/EMC compliance testing to cater the needs of Manufacturer / Industry. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation, which complies with the requirements of International standards. The testing is performed automatically and controlled through software. The test facility available is also extended for developmental activity. EMI/EMC tests are conducted as per National / International standards.

Setup of EMC Lab

Name of the test

Standard Applicable

Electrostatic Discharge immunitytest

IEC : 61000-4-2, 1995

Radiated radio frequency electromagnetic field immunity test using GTEM cell.

PN :- The maximum size of the
equipment that can be tested inside
GTEM cell is restricted to 0.4mx0.4mx0.4m.

IEC : 61000-4-3, 1995

Electrical fast transient / burst immunity test

IEC : 61000-4-4, 1995

Conducted radio frequencyimmunity test

IEC : 61000-4-6, 1996

Radio frequency interference

  • Conducted emission

  • Radiated emission using :-

    • Absorbing clamp

    • GTEM cell and correlate the data
      obtained to Open Area Test Site

CISPR 14-1,

CISPR 16-1, 16-2

Products that can be Tested :

  • Single phase / Three phase Static watt-hour meters

  • Electronic Trivector meters

  • Static protective relays

  • Smaller size UPS, SMPS, Inverters, Converters, Contactors etc.

Need for EMI/EMC Test :

Ever increasing use of power electronics equipments and communication equipments in every walk of life is increasing the electromagnetic pollution day by day. This pollution may degrade the performance of electronic and electrical equipments. Therefore it is necessary that all electronic equipments or systems must be constructed so as to ensure that any electromagnetic disturbance it generates allows radio and telecommunication equipment and other apparatus to operate as intended, further equipment must be constructed with an inherent level of immunity to externally generated electromagnetic disturbances.
Testing & evaluation has thus become necessary to ensure that the products work satisfactorily in the present day electromagnetic environment. It is essential that each equipment or system design meets the compatibility levels specified in the National / International Standards.


EMCD Division
about us
our services
other pages

SAMEER CEM, NABL Accridited EMI EMC Test Center

The SAMEER Center for Electromagnetics has been in the forefront of research and development activities in the area of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility in the country. Established in 1983 by then Department of Electronics (DOE), the Center for Electromagnetics is an autonomous R&D laboratory under Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India. Apart from EMI/EMC, the center also works in the related areas of RF Communication, Digital Communication Systems, Antenna Research and Development, Electronic Packaging etc.

The center is accredited by the NABL in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 for its EMI-EMC Services. The center is also FCC listed and recognized and accredited by various international bodies such as TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SÜD, Det Norske Veritas (DNV),EMITECH France, Intertek, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) etc. The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics - iNARTE has recognized SAMEER-CEM as the test center for conducting the iNARTE EMC and ESD Certification Tests.

With its vast experience and the state-of-the-art infrastructure, complemented by the team of dedicated engineers and technicians, the EMC Division of the center also offers comprehensive test and design solutions, consultancy, training and research services to Indian and International agencies and industries.

The major activities in the division covers:

  • EMC Research and Publication
  • Evolving EMC Standards and Test Specifications
  • EMI Prediction, Analysis and EMC Design Consultancy
  • EMC Design of Electronic Products and Fixes
  • EMC Training and Education
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC) measurements
  • Electromagnetic Ambient Field Measurements

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EMC Division, SAMEER-CEM, 2nd Cross Road, CIT Campus, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. PIN 600113
Phone +91 44 22541424 / 1817, Fax:+91 44 22541424,



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