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Friday, March 27, 2009

what is CE Marking?

The CE Marking is not a mark indicating conformity to a standard but rather a mark indicating conformity to the legal requirements of EU Directives. Many of the EU Directives require manufacturers to have a Certified Quality System to ISO 9000 in operation and to use the assistance of a Notified Body in order that the manufacturer can legitmately apply the CE Marking to their product.

A Notified Body is one that a national government appoints to oversee the operation of specific aspects of a Directive. The Irish Government has, to date, appointed the National Standards Authority of Ireland to be the Notified Body in respect of a range of Directives, and where such Directives impose controls over the use of the CE Marking, it is NSAI that exercise that control. The services offered by NSAI as a Notified Body are available to all manufacturers across the entire European Union and for manufacturers outside the European Union placing their products onto the EU market.

NSAI has been appointed Notified Body or are active in respect of the following EU Directives:

Simple Pressure Vessels
Gas Appliances
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
Medical Devices
IVD - In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices
AIMD - Active Implantable Medical Devices
TSE - Medical Devices Utilising Tissue of Animal Origin
Active Implantable Medical Devices
Medical Devices incorporating stable derivatives of human blood or human plasma
Personal Protective Equipment
Motor Vehicles and their Trailers
Low Voltage
Non-automated Weighing Machines
Lifts Directive
Pressure Equipment
Construction Products
EUETS - Green House Gas Directive
Solvents Directive
Road Speed Limiters
Digital and Analogue Tackograph
Plating of Vehicles
ATP Refrigeration containers
ADR - Carriage of dangerous goods by road
Further appointments are expected.

As the body in Ireland responsible for Certification of products to Irish and European standards, NSAI is well placed to advise manufacturers on the requirements to be met in order to enable them to place the CE Marking on their products in accordance with relevant EU Directives.

CE Marking, which indicates that a product complies with harmonised EU requirements for safety and health, based on Directives, will become increasingly important, as CE Marking is mandatory for trading throughout the EU.

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