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Monday, June 14, 2010

CE Marking for exports to TURKEY



RoHS and WEEE in Turkey

RoHS and WEEE Enforcement: Turkey

RoHS and WEEE Enforcement

Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry is in charge of the harmonization of both RoHS and WEEE Directives with the national legislations. The harmonization studies for the RoHS Directive was finalized and announced on the Official Gazette dated May 30, 2008 numbered 26891. The Directive will be effective as of June 2009.
The Ministry of Environment is currently working to finalize the harmonization process of the WEEE Directive and is aiming to put it into effect before the end of 2009.


The below document is the informal translation of the Turkish Legislation, which is not binding.
Turkish Implementation of the RoHS Directive
The original legislation for the RoHS enforcement in Turkey can be found at
Announcement on the Official Gazette


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