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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ISMS Topics

What are the security implications using Google Applications? 
 We are investigating the usage of commodity offering like Google Apps in our organization. The protection of the data and intellectual property is a concern as well as about the maturity of the offering. I am wondering if somebody has evaluated or understood related security, data confidentaility risks and legal implications.... more »
By Gock  - 4:33pm - 1 new of 1 message -     

Digest for iso27001security@googlegroups. com - 4 Messages in 1 Topic 
 Hello Richard, Once you get the table can you share across or send it to my mail id please. Regards, KN On 22 June 2010 15:41,
By Karunanidhi Hosur  - 4:26pm - 1 new of 1 message -     

Policies & Procedures aligned with ISO27K Annex A controls 
 Tebogo, There is no visible table on your email. BR, Richard
By Richard Regalado [Personal]  - 10:58am - 3 new of 3 messages -     

Disaster Recovery Plan - Small/Medium Company 
 Dear All, I have prepared the BCP and I found the controls against environmental and/or technical threats. Now I need to prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan Document as I have been advised by CEO, and he mentioned code review, walk through, testing plans etc. A plan to confirm that the selected controls in BCP documents are... more »
By Phoenixian  - Jun 21 - 3 new of 3 messages -     

Work Breakdown Structure 
 Would anyone be willing to share their filled out workbreak down structure document from an ISO27K certfication effort? I am working on a certification with a small division of a medium size company and would like to get a dose of reality added to our WBS. I know there are many variables in any effort, but it would be great to... more »
By Phil Palmer  - Jun 20 - 3 new of 3 messages -     

Data Protection act 
 Dear All, I am looking for the specified time frame for storing data captured from CCTV as per DATA protection act, can some one help me please
By Srinivas Yadav  - Jun 19 - 5 new of 5 messages -     

Legal acts 
 Dear All, I am looking for the information to be refered while doing ISMS audit for legal act's. please provide me information on 1. IT Act 2000 ? 2. IT Act 2000 + amendment 2008 ? 3. Various sections of IT Act ? 4. Data privacy act of UK ? 5. Other US and UK acts ? 6. Other compliance or regulatory reqmts – like HIPAA for healthcare,... more »
By Srinivas Yadav  - Jun 19 - 5 new of 5 messages -     

MS Office and DNS hardening document 
 Hi, Can anyone please help me with following two documents: 1. MS Office 2007 hardening doc 2. Domain Name Server hardening doc Regards, Paresh Mandowara
By Paresh Mandowara  - Jun 17 - 3 new of 3 messages -     

*Possible* extension/changes to 27002 
 Friends, Today I have spent a little time reviewing the current version of ISO/IEC 27002:2005 for areas of coverage that appear weak, with the prospect of perhaps persuading SC27 to expand or improve 27002 accordingly for its next release. Here's my working shortlist of the areas in question, along with my... more »
By Gary Hinson  - Jun 17 - 13 new of 13 messages -     

Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy 
 Dear All, During one of training to employees I was not able to convince them the importance of Clear Screen policy. Can someone list the security aspects behind this please. I would also like to know is it important to have public announcement system installed in the organization? explain with clear security justification.... more »
By Vaseem Ahmed K A  - Jun 16 - 6 new of 6 messages -     
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