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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toyota again

The Toyota Recall =)

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 12:08 AM PST

Toyota The Toyota Recall =)

What can you do to help your Toyota?

  1. First, be calm if your Toyota does not remember who you are. Becoming excited can have negative effects on your Toyota, like forgetting to slow down.
  2. Express your love and admiration for your Toyota in this difficult time in its young life.
  3. Mention counselling. Your Toyota may first rebel at the thought of seeing a shrink, so take your time.
  4. Talk about the old times. Many Toyotas have better recollection of events that happened earlier in their lives. It will build confidence if the two of you can just talk. Drive by the showroom where you first met. It will bring many pleasureable connections.
  5. Know the risks. Approximately 50% of Toyota owners with recall problems will become clinically depressed, but there are many resources to help both the owner and the Toyota. One place to start is the FAA, or Feline Altzheimer’s Association. They have tips and small food treats.
  6. Reassure your Toyota. Let it know it is loved and can continue to live at home during treatment.


In related news, Toyota announced that it was not recalling 200,000 Sequoias with defective cruise control mechanisms that could cause the vehicles to explode without warning.

“Our cost-benefit department says it would be cheaper to pay for a couple dozen funerals than it would be to recall the vehicles,” said Charles B. Hatosy, chief communications officer at Toyota North America. “You have to take the entire dashboard out to fix one of those suckers.”

Honda have also announced a safety recall:

“An electrical issue in the dashboard of the car appears to lead to an odd temporal anomaly, making all Honda Jazz owners appear to be 150 years old and drive everywhere at 28mph with their foglight on and left indicator blinking incessantly. While the likelihood of serious injury as a result of this is low, we do appreciate that there are risks to other road users due to increased blood pressure, and that in rare cases a Jazz driver suffering the effects of the temporal anomaly may wander onto a motorway, thus causing utter carnage by driving in the middle lane at 41mph.”

 The Toyota Recall =)

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 The Toyota Recall =)