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Friday, February 19, 2010

Today I started with my blog. The idea is to post on regular time some thought I have on asset management.In the name on the blog I choose to put in two important aspects for me.Knowledge - Lucky coincidence is that me last name "Kennis", translated in English is Knowledge, and also means the same. Probably that is also the reason to give me the responsibility of knowledge management for AMS ;-).Asset Management - I first came in contact with this interesting management domain at the end of my engineering studies, when I had to choose a thesis subject. Since then it was a virus that I didn't get cured from.As consultant I have 10+ years of experience in helping customers to improve their asset and maintenance management policy, processes and systems. During these years I have come across a lot of different situations: very good examples and very bad examples of how to manage your assets. I want to share this experience with you.On the other hand I also will ask your collaboration to give me feedback on thoughts or questions that I have. Sometimes there pop-up questions from colleagues or customers that can't be answered with one answer. I'm curious to know the ideas off other asset management professionals on these topics.Because the domain of asset and maintenance management is very wide I'm sure we can have some interesting exchange of thoughts. You may expect very soon my first message.

Best Regards,Koen