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Monday, February 15, 2010

ISO NEWS for 2010

News 2010

12 February 2010 New ISO RFID standard will help trace products in the supply chain
11 February 2010 New ISO brochure on economic and social importance of reference materials
4 February 2010 ISO gives food manufacturers new tool to control hazards
1 February 2010 ISO standards offer global solutions to global challenges discussed at World Economic Forum 2010
28 January 2010 ISO Focus+ magazine focuses on the inside story by the standards makers
27 January 2010 New ISO/IEC standard on risk assessment complements risk management toolbox
26 January 2010 ISO launches an eNewsletter on International Standards for consumers
21 January 2010 New ISO specification will help increase reliability of autonomous fee collection systems on road networks
20 January 2010 ISO gives car industry new interface to navigation systems
19 January 2010 How ISO standards benefit and protect consumers
14 January 2010 Farmer-friendly ISO standard for crop production quality management
13 January 2010 How safe are your brakes? ISO standard provides all-in-one test
11 January 2010 Tackling environmental challenges with the ISO 14000 family of International Standards
7 January 2010 ISO standard to make bioenergy sustainable
5 January 2010 ISO to develop sustainable event standard in run-up to 2012 Olympics

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