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Friday, February 19, 2010

Business Risk Assessment

Businesses all over have priorities based on their own position compared with the market as well as the market itself. Attention is normally focussed onto the areas that the company perceives to have a higher business risk. However this is not so well structured and very often, business risks are not properly visualised or understood, especially as there is a lack of formality in understanding them. There is also a danger of not realising which are the greatest risks and which of them must be focussed upon by the organisation. In order to improve business decision making, Risk Management today is rapidly gaining acceptance and is helping organisations manage their businesses better, which in today’s hypercompetitive environment is an imperative.
Business Risk Assessment Workshop
Business Risk Assessment Workshop
This workshop is a facilitation of an organisation’s executive team who contribute their own experiences, ideas and thoughts to determine business risks and identify through a rating process those that the organisation needs to prioritise and manage in order to run a successful, well managed and controlled business.Read More
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