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Thursday, February 18, 2010

HACCP - the law in UK



New EU and UK food hygiene law will make it a legal requirement for all food and drink outlets in the UK to have a documented HACCP system in place.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is a food safety system which is based on preventing food poisoning. It is recognised world wide as the most effective way of controlling food safety.
HACCP was developed by NASA to ensure food safety during space travel. Well - can you imagine having the runs in a space suit …………..PHEW!!!!
"Approx 800,000 businesses" in the UK will need to install HACCP.
When will the law come into force?

Food businesses have until the end of 2005 to install a HACCP system to comply with the regulations.
So why should I worry about it now?

Setting up the HACCP system and drawing up the plan will take time. If all the businesses that are required to install HACCP wait until the last moment they will struggle to get help in implementing the system.
In the year 2000 nearly 500 people died from foodborne disease in the UK.
In the year 2000, over 1.3 million cases of foodborne disease were recorded.

What are the benefits of having a HACCP system in place?

  1. It increases your control of food safety.
  2. Once in place it is an easy system for staff to follow and adhere to.
  3. Should you be accused of causing food poisoning, a HACCP system forms the cornerstone of a defence of 'due diligence' in court.
  4. A government survey has ascertained that the general public are willing to pay more for food that is HACCP controlled.
Who will be enforcing the new law?

Environmental Health Officers will check food and drink outlets to ensure that they have HACCP in place.
80 - 90% of all cases of foodborne disease originate in catering/restaurants or retail outlets .

Who can help with all this?

Action Auditing is a company which specialises in HACCP systems for food related businesses. With over 20 years combined experience in setting up and maintaining HACCP systems for a variety of uses, including complex food manufacturing processes, Action Auditing is ideally placed to advise and assist businesses achieve HACCP.

What can Action Auditing provide?

Action Auditing can provide a complete solution to make sure businesses are ready for the new law.

This includes:-

  1. Auditing pre-requisites and highlighting any deficiencies.
  2. Identifying CCPs (Critical Control Points) and monitoring points.
  3. Providing documentation to show how CCPs have been identified.
  4. Providing a simple to understand guide to HACCP which will give managers and staff the necessary knowledge of the system.
  5. Supplying checklists to make sure adequate records are kept.
  6. Follow-up verification audits to check systems are still working.