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Friday, July 3, 2009

ISO developments take on a protective role

ISO is to develop a standard that will combat the ever-increasing number of worldwide product recalls and protect consumers. The market-orientated standard will help organisations cope with recalls, including how to carry them out in a timely and cost effective manner and reduce legal risks.

The goal of committee ISO/PC 240, Product recall, is to provide a code of good practice and guidance for establishing, implementing and managing an effective product-recall programme. With the intention of benefiting the entire product supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, legal firms and consumers, the standard will be applicable to all consumer products, including electrical and gas appliances. Customers will be protected from fatalities and injuries, as well as financial loss due to defective products.

The development comes at a time when the number of international product recalls has been steadily increasing, partly due to goods being manufactured in multiple countries leading to less legislation and control over the supply chain. Recent high-profile recalls include the Cadbury salmonella scare in 2006, Mattel’s recall due to excess lead paint in toys and Sony’s withdrawal of laptop batteries, which is said to have cost the company £429m.


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