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Friday, May 22, 2009

LVD CE Marking , UL Seminar

"Harmonization of UL Standards with their IEC counterparts is a long term goal of UL. UL stakeholders interested in the certification of products to requirements in the IEC 60947 Series of Standards, and in particular manufacturers of products covered in the scopes of these standards, have expressed their support for harmonization of UL Standards with IEC 60947 Series of Standards “to the degree possible.” Not all UL Standards are candidates for harmonization and reasons for such will be explained.
The first step in the harmonization process is to create the UL 60947 Standard, the counterpart to the IEC 60947 Standard. The second step is to minimize the deviations (National differences) in that standard. The procedure to develop such standards and minimize the deviations will be covered in detail. The discussion will include how Canada and Mexico play a role in this. Creating harmonized standards requires a review and consolidation of the requirements of various country-specific (or region-specific) standards. The result is a draft standard that contains differences or deviations from its IEC counterpart. In instances where the differences cannot be resolved, National Differences are included in the published harmonized standard. There will be a discussion of the purpose of National Differences, and an explanation of the five types of National Differences. As an example, UL 60947-1 and 60947-4-1 both contain a significant number of National Differences. An identification and discussion of some of the National Differences that have a major impact on UL certified motor control equipment will be included. There will also be a discussion of the ongoing efforts to eliminate and/or reduce the number of national differences in these documents.
Identify the reasons for and benefits of Harmonization of UL 60947 Standards with IEC 60947 Series of Standards with a focus on UL and its stakeholders
Identify the individual harmonization projects within the UL 60947 series of standards and the products affected.
Identify the standards in the IEC 60947 series where harmonization is not desired, will not be pursued at this time and why

Identify the process of creating the UL 60947 Standards
Identify the five types of National Differences
Explain the purpose of National Differences as they relate to the US and Canada
Identify the process for minimizing the National differences
Identify and explain the purpose behind the significant National Differences in UL 60947-1 and 60947-4-1
Identify strategies for incorporating National Differences into the design of equipment that will be submitted for evaluation of equipmentto either UL 60947 Standards, IEC 60947 Standards or both

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