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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soot blower CE

Miura Protec Co. Ltd. - Head Office  (ID: 38589)

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topimg.gif In building marine boilers for use in ships as well, Miura has more than 30 years of experience. Our line of marine products ranges from Auxiliary steam boilers, Thermal oil heaters, Exhaust gas economizers, Waste oil incinerators, Fresh water generators, Boat davits, burners, and pumps. The new IMO-compatible incinerator, introduced in 2000, makes Miura a pioneer as the first Japanese manufacturer to receive the CE mark. Miura's Marine Products Division is constantly striving to anticipate the changing requirements of our customers. All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. PRODUCTS LINE UP(Marine Boilers) Marine Boilers Export to some countries may not be possible due to differing standards. Vertical Water Tube Composite Boiler (Marine type) GK GK 1248-2730 Mean output Fuel inlet: 500-1,500 kg/hour Exhaust gas: 400-1,400 kg/hour Click here for details. Main Features * New type of drum ensures a boiler efficiency of 80% or higher, and increased gas flow rate expedites heat transmission. * Long life with no worries about low-temperature failure, and increased durability with a unique water tube structure. * Large steam space allows for a wide range of changes in load. * Sequence control makes the unit compact and improves reliability. * Simple structure facilitates maintenance. * High press. air soot blower. HB Auxiliary Steam Boiler HB-VWH HB 2,500-18,000 (Equivalent output: 2,500 - 18,000 kg/h) VWH 200-2,500 (Equivalent output: 200 - 2,500 kg/h) Main Features * Compact design is more space efficient. * Simple water tube structure enables easy inspection, cleaning and water tube replacement. * Can also burn heavy, high-viscosity oil if equipped with a separate special burner (Equivalent to 3,500 secs) * Energy-saving model with a high boiler efficiency of 85% - 87% Thermal Oil Heater (Marine type) HTB HTB 10 - 600 Maximum working temperature: 220 o C and 280 o C types (Heat output: 100,000 - 6,000,000 kcal/h) Up to 3,000,000 kcal/h with 280 o C type Main Features * Efficiency of 85% is achieved using a simple tube structure (coil system). * Either of two types can be selected, according to the working temperature. * The top of the drum is equipped with a water-rinsing port for easier cleaning. * Compared with a steam boiler, cycle loss is low, so efficiency is high. New Marine Type Incinerator BGW-N BGW 20N - 100N Total processing volume: 301 kW to 1,300 kW (heat output: 258,000 to 1,117,000kcal/hour) Click here for details. Main Features * Special combustion chamber structure ensures stable operation with nosmoke even at start of incineration. * Accommodates up to 20 `40kg of solid waste at one time, which can be incinerated simultaneously with waste oil. * Ejector structure employing negative pressure within the combustion chamber and cooling of gaseous exhaust. * Proprietary dioxin suppression system rapidly cools gaseous exhaust to below 200 o C. * The air spray burners that already have an impressive track record have been further improved for even better performance. Comprehensive Product Line Exhaust gas boiler KBM Exhaust gas heater KS KF Exhaust gas thermal oil heater KTH EKTH-S Fresh water generator (Vacuum evaporation type) WM Fresh water generator (Reverse osmosis membrane type) WR Hot water boilers KVS HV HV-T Incinerator BG BGW Boat davit MVD All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. Proposal and Specification Request Form Request Form For question about Marine Products, Please call or send a fax TEL :81-89-979-7060 FAX :81-89-979-7061 E-mail Please fill in the form stated bellow. So that we can report to your request quick as possible. Class: select ----------- JG NK BV KR CR LR ABS DNV CCS GL OTHERS Massage: E-mail address: Home Page address: Company name: Section: Name: Mail address: tel: fax: to "Products Line up" All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. PRODUCTS LINE UP(Off Shore Service) Off Shore Service Miura provides prompt and effective repairs should the need arise, whether dealing with the failure of automated control equipment, emergency repairs to pressurized vessels, or replacement of piping. Unlike our competitors, Miura manufactures components crucial to boiler operation, such as burners, pumps, and automated control equipment, in-house. This means that we are ready to perform repairs on any aspect of your boiler system. Miura excels in repair services as well. All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. Proposal and Specification Request Form Request Form For question about Marine Services and Service News, Please call or send a fax TEL :81-89-979-7060 FAX :81-89-979-7067 E-mail Please fill in the form stated bellow. So that we can report to your request quick as possible. Request: select --------------- service parts others Boiler type: MFG. No.: Vessel name: Hull No.: Massage: E-mail address: Home Page address: Company name: Section: Name: Mail address: tel: fax: to "off shore service" All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. SHIPBOARD VERTICAL WATER TUBE TYPE COMPOSITEBOILER Z BOILER GK Vertical Water Tube Composite Boiler (Marine type) Z BOILER GK Vertical Water Tube Composite Boiler (Marine type) GK STRUCTURE OF ABLECOMPO WE ADAPTED THE VERTICAL WATER TUBE TYPE. AT M/E EXH.GAS SIDE,ON AROUND THE UPPER AND LOWER SIDE DRUM,ARRANGED THE WATER TUBES WITH GOOD HEATING EFFICIENCY,AND THE EXH.GAS FLOWS SEPARATELY RIGHT AND LEFT SIDE,AND EXCHANGING THE HEAT(W FLOW),BEING LOW TEMP,EXH.GAS,FLOWING OUT. ON THE OTHER HAND,THE BURNER SIDE,AT THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER CONSISTED OF THE MOST INSIDE WATER TUBES,ARRANGING THE COMBUSTION AND RADIATION HEAT,. AFTER THAT,OPERATING THE CONNECTION HEATING BY ARRANGEMENT OF FLOW STRUCTURE WATER TUBES. SPECIAL FEATURES 1.HIGH EFFICIENCY AT THE BURNER SIDE, SECURED THE EFFICIENCY MORE THAN 80 PERCENT BY ADOPTION FOR THE NEWLY DEVELOPPED BOILER PROPER.AND PROMOTED THE HEATING SYSTEM SPEED UP FOR GAS FLOWING.WATER TUBES,SET DOWN THE SOOT BLOWR&WASHING SYSTEMS,SO REALIZED THE OPERATION WITH KEEPING FOR GOOD EFFICIENCY. 2.COMPACT SIZE TO SEE THE POINT OF THE VIEW FOR SIZES, THE HEIGHT BEING SHORTEN FOR BY ADOPTION FOR THE NEWLY DEVELOPPED BOILER PROPER. BESIDES,AS THE RESULT OF IT,WEIGHT BEING LIGHTER. 3.LONG LIFE DUE TO THE SIMPLE STRUCTURE OF BOILER, PROPER THAT IS,ARRANGING THE WATER TUBES, SECURES LONG LIFE. 4.WIDE STREAM CHAMBER THE STRUCTURE OF WIDE STREAM CHAMBER, THIS IS STRONG FOR THE CHANGING EXTREMELY FOR THE LOAD. 5.SEQUENCER CONTROL ADOPTED FOR THE SEQUENCER CONTROL., CONTROL BOX BEING COMPACT AND BE A GOOD QUALITY RAPIDLY. AND IT IS EASY TO OPERATE THE CONTROL FOR SEQUENCE ALSO. 6.MAINTENANCE WE DESIGNED THE EXH.GAS OUTPUT PART FOR BURNER SIDE TO SIDE SIRECTION, SO IT IS EASY TO ACT FOR MAINTENANCE, AND IN CASE OF TROUBLE, IT IS POSSIBLE TO OPERATE BY PUGGING AND ALSO EASY TO REPLACE THE WATER TUBES. AIR SOOT BLOWER UPPER NOZZLE MIDDLE NOZZLE LOWER NOZZLE * HIGH PRESS. AIR SOOT BLOWER PROPOSAL The branch fixed soot blower is arranged on Upper and Lower tube plate and high press air blows into the direction of water tube shaft to remove the soot effectively.Lower soot blower blows soot deposited on the discharge tube plate to lower blower tube plate and lead them to the flue duct.The fixed or turning air soot blower on the center of the water tube removes the soot around the center.To remove the soot more effectively is realized because water is never used and sulphur corrosion cannot happen. All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA Marine Boiler Division <> SHIPBOARD INCINERATOR Z INCINERATOR BGW-N SHIPBOARD INCINERATOR BGW-N Lioyd's Register Approved. We, Miura introduce new shipboard incinerator model "BGW-N", complied with new "IMO" MARPOL73/78/97 ANNEX VI starting Jan.1,2000 and "CE" MARKING of marine equipment directive for EU FLAG starting May.1,1999. BGW-N series incinerate simultaneously with waste oil and solid wastes which are processed specified in IIA classII. (MEPC 76(40) ANNEX A1.4) OUT LINE This applies to all new IMO MARPOL In order to prevent the pollution of oceans and seas,IMO MARPOL establishes guidelines for solid and liquid waste discharged from ships. The regulations regarding Shipboard incinerators are as follows: MARPOL73/78/97-MEPC76(46) Object: Any incinerator loaded on board a ship on or after January1,2000 Summary: The prohibition of Shipboard incineration of waste materials containing PCBs,heavy metals, or similar contaminants The incinerator must be approved by IMO-MEPC The incinerator must be designed according to MEPC 76(40)standards Conditions of operation: Oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber:6-12% Out let temperature of the combustion chamber:850-1200 o C Carbon monoxide concentration in exhaust gas:not to exceed 200mg/MJ Smoke concentration in exhaust gas:not to exceed BACHARACH 3 Weight of unburned material:not to exceed 10% Temperature of outer wall:not to exceed 60 o C Exhaust gas is to be rapidly cooled to 350 o C or less within a space of 2.5meters in the smokestack. The combustion chamber is normally to be operated in a negative-pressure environment. Requirement for residual heat:650 o C or more(continuous charge incinerrator) It shall be 600 c C in at least 5minutes(batch disposal incinerator) CHARACTERISTICS 1.Twenty kilograms of solid waste can be put into the incinerator at one time and burned simultaneously with waste oil. Ships with a 25-man crewproduce up to about 20 kilograms of waste per day. Shince all this waste can be charged into the incinerator at one time,the work is reduced. At the same time,a fixed amount of waste oil can also be incinerated. 2 Miura's unique incinerator structure Using the unique semi-disrillation-type incineration method,materials containing a lot of water can be burned simultaneously with producers of high heat such as plastics.Furthermore,since this incinerator can be opened from both sides of the burner,it can easily repaired and maintained. 3.The waste oil burner users a high-performance air atomizer The combination of spesialized fan and enhanced combustibility air-atomizing burner help to support efficient vaporized incineration. 4.Automatic combustion control Purge,ignition,combustion and cooling whthin the incinerator are all controlled automatically (All the job requires is the switching operations of the cooling fan and insertion of combustible).During incineration,various safety limit switches monitor operations to reduce hazards. *When waste oil is in extremely bad condition,the pilot burner and waste oil burner are set to incinerate simultaneously. 5.Ejector system The ejector,which is installed at the incinerator exit,maintains the negative pressure within the incinerator and cools gases by mixing them with diluted air. In conventional incinerators,exhaust gases coming from the incinerator contain many crrosive gases,so the fan is corroded in exhaust systems that use a suctioning fan. However,with the model BGW-N incinerator,the ejector system protects the fan from corrosive gases. 6.Suppression of dioxins Dioxins sre formed when incompletely burned waste at incinerator exit combines with chlorides in a temperature environment of 300-400 o C However,the model BGW-N incinerator is equipped with an ejector at the exhaust suct that mixes exhaust with cold air and it instantaneously to 200 o C or less to sappress the formation of dioxins. DRAWINGS All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA PRODUCTS LINE UP(Dry docking) Dry docking Examination Work and ACC Inspection We perform open dock examination work, including regularly scheduled inspections. Fiberscopes are employed to examine the interior of water tubes in order to determine the extent of scale formation and corrosion. Based on the inspection results, comprehensive guidance is provided to the ship, covering water quality maintenance and other areas of concern. ACC Inspection The final inspection of the Boiler in the dry docking involves a check of the automated control equipment and safety equipment and burner adjustment. The data is stored in a file dedicated to the ship that can be accessed later should any problems occur. This data enables us to respond readily to any questions or concerns regarding handling by ship personnel. All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. PRODUCTS LINE UP(Parts Supply) Parts Supply Experienced staff respond directly to requests and inquires from customers. Any parts of Miura products are delivered promptly to customers by our four principal agents in Japan. They maintain on hand a stock of essential parts and components, including tubing, pumps, burner parts, and automated control equipment. Contact persons:Mr.Seike, Mr.Ochi All Rights Reserved, 1997-2001, MIURA CO.,LTD. PRODUCTS LINE UP(Service net work) Service net work Miura's Maintenance Division employs service personnel and staff with abundant experience in the field. Miura operates seven service agents in Japan and is assisted by eleven overseas agents in Southeast Asia, Europe, and other overseas locations. The service engineers employed by these agents have all completed factory training in the maintenance of Miura products and systems. Contact persons : Mr. Hidaka A Mr. Hamatani : Mr. Moto AMr. Sakaki Authorized Distributors KOREA DONG YANG ENGINEERING #10-11,2KA MYEONG-RYUN-DONG DONGRAE-KU,PUSAN,KOREA TEL:(+82)51 552 6503 FAX:(+82)51 557 4830 TAIWAN NAIKAI ENGINEERING CONSULTANT CO. 3F.NO.34 LANE55 TUNG HSIN RD. KEELUNG,TAIWAN.R.O.C. TEL:(+886)22 4657554 FAX:(+886)22 4652182 MING YUNG MACHINERY,LTD . 27 SHIN SHING STREET, YAN CHERNG DISTRICT, KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN, R.O.C. TEL:(+886)7 521 6266 FAX:(+886)7 521 9368 CHINA SHIN KWANTUNG ENGINEERING & TRADING PTE LTD GUANGZHOU BRANCH 2ND FLOOR NO 313-315 GANGQUIAN RD. HUANGPU GUANGZHOU CHINA 510700 TEL: (+86)-20-82286208 FAX: (+86)-20-82277934 SINGAPORE TAKNAS ENGINEERING PTE.LTD. 102,PANDAN LOOP SINGAPORE 128310 TEL:(+65)6777 5856 FAX:(+65)6779 6711 FUJI HORIGUCHI ENGINEERING PTE.LTD. BLOCK 11 PIONEER RD NORTH JURONG SINGAPORE 628462 TEL:(+65)6863 6368 FAX:(+65)6863 8310 PHILIPPINE PHILL-NIPPON KYOEI CORP S-705 ROYAL PLAZA TWIN TOWERS 684 ROMEDIOS ST. MALATE MANILA PHILIPPINES TEL: (+63)-2-400-5778 FAX: (+63)-2-400-9130 UAE MIDDLE EAST-FUJI (L.L.C.) P.O.BOX 19227 DUBAI U.A.E. TEL:(+971)4 347 4444 FAX:(+971)4 347 2771 THE NETHERLANDS NICOVERKEN HOLLAND B.V. ALGERASTRAAT20 3125 BS SCHIEDAM, THE NETHERLANDS TEL:(+31)10 437 0877 FAX:(+31)10 415 7150 FUJI TRADING(MARINE)B.V. POST BOX 2498 3000 CL ROTTERDAM SLUISJESDIJK 109 THE NETHERLANDS TEL:(+31)10 429 8833 FAX:(+31)10 429 5227 GERMANY TAKANAS MARINE ENGINEERING GMBH gFRUCHTHOF hOBERHAFENSTR.1 20097 HAMBURG GERMANY TEL:(+49)40 32 1305 FAX:(+49)40 33 0608 USA CISCO BOILER SERVICE CO.,INC. 5709 OLD SPANISH TRAIL HOUSTON,TEXAS 77023,USA TEL:(+1)713 923 5700 FAX:(+1)713 923 5795 INDUSTRIAL BOILER SERVICE,INC. 23132 EAST ECHO LAKE ROAD SNOHOMISH,WA 98296 USA TEL:(+1)206 624 1171 FAX:(+1)425 483 9112 MIURA CO.,LTD.,All Rights Reserved. p q T [ r X j [ X r Japanese Service news Service News would like tointroduce the topic which meets your needs such as the daily equipment control,trouble case, Q&A, based on the theme concerning the boiler. We hope ourService News will help the daily equipment control of crew. *In order to read below service news (PDF format) AdobeAcrobat Reader is required. Vol. Title File (PDF) Size i KB j Vol.19 Preparation before Dock 116 Supplement2 Welcome to our Marine Boiler Division! 148 Supplement1 Boiler System & Maintenance Manual for Aux.Boiler HB & Economizer KS/KF 132 Vol.18 Backpressure in Exhaust Smokestack 102 Vol.17 Regular Replacement & Maintenance for F.O. Line Equipment 161 Vol.16 Manual Operation for Aux. Boiler 136 Vol.15 C. F. O. Heating 202 Vol.14 Castable 235 Vol.13 Burner Atomizing Test 88 Vol.12 Operation of by-pass valves in thermal oil lines Applied Model : HTB, KTH-S 94 Vol.11 Leakage Protecting Valve 126 Vol.10 F. O. Pressure Decreasing 247 Vol.9 Role of Blower 127 Vol.8 Sequencer 132 Vol.7 Misfire 111 Vol.6 Soot Fire 85 Vol.5 Trouble Case 2 gSuddenly, Feed Water Control c? h Boiler Type F Steam Boiler 259 Vol.4 Recent expenses? 173 Vol.3 Do you know about the chemical? 235 Vol.2 What is the boiler efficiency? / Role of Water Softener? 118 Vol.1 Trouble Case 1 gWhy Exh. Gas High Temp. Alarm? h Boiler Type F Steam Boiler VWN 110 If you could have any queries on these service news, please contact Miura Protec Co.,Ltd. Ship Machiery Dept . as below ; Miura Protec Co., Ltd. Ship Machinery Dept. Maintenance Div. TEL +81-89-979-7066 FAX +81-89-979-7067 E-mail F MIURA CO.,LTD.,All Rights Reserved. In building marine boilers for use in ships as well, Miura has more than 30 years of experience. Miura Protec Co. Ltd. - Head Office


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