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Friday, September 3, 2010

CE Marking and Product Liability

Weinstein Associates

safety assurance from concept to marketplace

Weinstein Associates is a technical consulting firm that works with manufacturers on product safety matters. The firm is unique in that the principals are both attorneys and engineers who assist companies in designing, producing, and marketing quality products while minimizing products liability exposure. We provide valuable assistance ranging from reviewing and preparing instruction manuals and safety labels, to performing hazard analyses and risk assessments, to developing company-wide liability loss control programs.
Weinstein Associates assists manufacturers to prepare their products and documentation to meet the "CE Marking" requirements for importing to the European Union (EU). If you have a CE Marking project, please visit our affiliated website . . .

We identify the applicable EU Directives and standards, facilitate the preparation of the mandatory risk assessment, and recommend modifications to equipment design, labeling, and documentation in order to meet specific EU requirements. We understand the relationship between US and European liability law, and help companies avoid the inadvertant creation of a potential liability issue.
Weinstein Associates performs product and workplace safety audits, provides technical litigation assistance, and delivers seminars on a variety of safety and liability issues. We also prepare and prosecute patent applications.
Weinstein Associates
19 Ridgeview Drive
Standish, Maine 04084
Telephone: (207) 893-0352
Facsimile: (800) 893-8142
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