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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CE Marking: Types of Directives

How many CE Marking Publications?

Wellkang Consultant can deliver, normally within 24 hours after receiving the payment, totally more than 100 CE Marking-related publications (all in .PDF version), ie. the European Union Product Directives, Guidelines to the Applications of Directives, Framework of Implementation of Directives, Mutual Recognition Agreements between EU and other countries as well as other publications in different languages: English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es) and Swedish (sv).
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Directive or GuidelineProducts or TitleMandatory fromVersion of Languages
Type A: Basic Directives ( for all products)
85/374/EECLiability for Defective Products show me more30 Jul 1988en/fr/pt/es/sv
1999/34/ECLiability for Defective Products (amending) show me more10 May 1999en/fr/pt/es/sv
92/59/EECGeneral Products Safety show me more1 Jan 1997en/fr/pt/es/sv
2001/95/EC(new) General Products Safety Directiveshow me more1 Jan 2003en/fr/pt/es/sv
93/68/EEC"CE Marking" Directive show me more22 Jul 1993en/fr/pt/es/sv
93/465/EECConformity Assessment Procedures & CE Marking Rulesshow me more22 Jul 1993en/fr/pt/es/sv
GuidelineGuide to Implementation of directives based on new approach & global approachshow me morePub. 2000en
Type B: Generic Directives (take precedence over Type A)
73/23/EECLow Voltage Electrical Equipment (LVD) show me more1 Jan 1997en/fr/pt/es/sv
Framework2000&2001 Framework of implementation of LVD 73/23/eec (79pages) show me morePub. 2001en
GuidelineGuideline on Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC & Annex I, II show me morePub. Jul 1997en
89/336/EECElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) show me more1 Jan 1996en/fr/pt/es/sv
GuidelineGuideline on Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 89/336/eecshow me morePub. 2001en/fr/de
Tech-AspectsTechnical-Aspects relating Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC 89/336/eec (150pages) show me morePub. 2001en
Frameworkframework of implementation of EMC Directive 89/336/EEC show me morePub. 2000en
2002/95/ECRoHS- Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment show me more-en/fr/pt/es/sv
2002/96/ECWEEE- Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment show me more-en/fr/pt/es/sv
Type C: Product-Specific Directives (take precedence over Type A & B)
87/404/EECSimple Pressure Vessels show me more1 Jul 1992en/fr/pt/es/sv
88/378/EECToys show me more1 Jan 1990en/fr/pt/es/sv
GuidelineGuidance to 88/378/eec Toys (for Scooter & FloatingSeats) show me morePub. 2001en
89/106/EECConstruction Products show me more27 Jun 1991en/fr/pt/es/sv


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