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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

multiple certifications not needed, ISO 22000 is sufficient for all sctors


Are you Duplicating your Food Safety Management Audits?

Complex supply chains can mean multiple, parallel requirements for suppliers and lead to duplicate systems, audits and paper work.

Yet, there are many similarities in the requirements of so many food safety and quality standards. SGS Single Food Audit Pack is a set of solutions that help to meet the requirements of most internationally recognized food safety or quality standards with a single audit.

Pack 6: ISO 9001 + ISO 22000 + HACCP / GMP + BRC / IFS

This solution addresses the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP / GMP and BRC / IFS standards, leading to certification where appropriate against each of them. It’s a cost-effective way to cut disruption without adversely impacting the quality and safety objectives in any way. As a result of the audit, you get a single report and a single set of conclusions covering your food safety and quality management systems.

Who could Benefit from Pack 6?

If you are a company looking for both quality (ISO 9001), a new global, harmonized food safety management system certification (ISO 22000) including a long-term established food safety system guideline HACCP & GMP and certification against the retailer standards BRC Food and IFS then Pack 6 is the right solution for you. You may be an ISO 9001 certified company within the food supply chain or one that is considering food safety management system certification (ISO 22000, HACCP & GMP, BRC Food / IFS certifications) or perhaps you are already certified against all these standards separately. In all these cases, the SGS Single Food Audit Pack 6 could be a real asset to your business.

What are the Benefits of Pack 6?

SGS Single Food Audit Pack 6 benefits your organization in multiple ways:

  • Provides a more cost-effective service delivery through a single audit. *

  • Causes less disruption; you can diary a single audit for multiple standards.

  • Makes it simpler and easier for senior management to review the management systems through the single audit report.

  • Assists internal alignment of different management systems thus improving efficiency.

  • Addresses ‘non-conformities’ in a coordinated manner thanks to the SGS audit team with plenty of experience and knowledge across all the involved standards.

  • Makes it possible to issue separate certificates simultaneously against each standard through just one audit.

  • Demonstrates the implementation of a most complete management systems for food safety and quality.

  • Meets all customer requirements through a single process and report.

* The level of saving is depends on the number of standards involved, size of the company and the complexity of the audit. Please ask a detailed calculation from your local SGS representative

How are Audits Conducted?

Our Single Food Audit Pack audits are conducted by a multi-skilled auditor team qualified to be lead auditors for both the quality and food safety standards in this Pack. The auditor team assesses the management systems against ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP & GMP and BRC Food / IFS within a single audit for every visit (initial assessment, surveillance and renewal audits).

If your organization is already certified to ISO 9001 and / or HACCP & GMP and / or BRC Food / IFS, we can combine the ISO 22000 audit to an existing visit and cover the two audit needs with a single audit.


SGS Single Food Audit Pack in no way compromises the individual certifications. Separate certificates are issued against each standard. The process simply streamlines the audit process.

Getting Started

You can start streamlining your management systems and audit process today. Simply, Contact your Local SGS Office or Sign up for a Free Web Seminar.

The Rest is Simple:

  1. Provide your organization details to SGS representative to enable preparation of a service proposal for Single Food Audit Pack.

  2. Have in place a system that addresses the requirements of the involved standards in this Pack. If this is not in place, your organization can join SGS training on how to establish and implement a food safety and quality management systems.

  3. Agree upon the audit schedule.

  4. SGS conduct the audits according to the agreed schedule.

Ownership of SGS Single Food Audit Packs and content thereof is retained by SGS SA only and may not be reproduced, distributed, republished, displayed or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or any other means without the prior written permission of SGS SA.


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