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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EMC Testing

EMC Services

Industry Canada (IC) Certification
This service is designed for intentional radiators (products that do intentionally transmit RF energy) in the final prototype or pre-production stage. This service includes:

  • Testing to all appropriate standards
  • Comprehensive Test reports
  • Interface with IC by an experienced intermediary
  • Assistance with all labeling and documentation requirements
  • Continuing technical support until your Certification is granted!

RF Emissions Testing:
Global EMC's testing ensure that radio wave energy unintentionally emitted from "equipment under test" (EUT) does not exceed required limits. This testing protects broadcast radio services such as AM radio, shortwave radio, maritime, CB and FM radio, television, pagers, cellular telephones, emergency services, and others from unwanted interference.
As well, Global EMC's power line measurements can be an inclusive product test ensuring required international quality specifications are met and do not adversely affect the power line quality.

Immunity (EMI):
Ensure your equipment meets international requirements to operate in the presence of Electro-Magnetic phenomena.

Global EMC routinely carries out internationally required tests to confirm your equipment can handle operator static sparks, operates effectively in the presence of strong broadcast radio signals, and maintains operation after nearby lightning strikes. Global EMC can evaluate numerous quality assurance related phenomena to build your confidence in your finished products.

RF / Wireless:
Global EMC also tests devices which intentionally transmit radio energy, including Radio / Wireless testing at various frequencies for equipment utilizing Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or other emerging technologies. Global EMC offers frequency stability, bandwidth, output power, antenna gain, spurious emissions, harmonics, and other measurement tests. Global EMC works closely with the FCC and Industry Canada to certify your product and where required, also works with the international agencies who regulate your international target market.

Global EMC offers custom testing and engineering services including de-bugging tools (SMT, filters, ferrites, etc) to augment your tests. Global EMC provides component/prototype testing to ensure your production units will meet final test requirements more quickly and effectively. Early shielding effectiveness, near field probe sessions, and other custom tests may identify early production issues. If you have a custom defined EMC or EMI test, Global EMC will review your test plans to best meet your needs.

Pre-testing & Pre- Scan Engineering solutions
Designed for Researchers, Electronics Designers, and Manufacturers at prototype project or evaluation stage, Global EMC offers:

  • Testing and qualification to appropriate rules, standards and QA levels
  • Test planning to identify and isolate appropriate tests and limits
  • Prospective remedies after failure analysis and consulting
  • Component level evaluations
  • Shielding effectiveness, antenna patterns, frequency stability, etc
  • Cost effective support for prototype solutions!

Compliance Consulting
Focused on Electronics Designers or Manufacturers at the Early Concept stage or finalizing early product prototypes, the Global EMC Team offers:

  • Detailed analysis of product plans and configuration related to IC rules
  • All applicable rule parts are identified and are compliant
  • Product restrictions and limitations are identified and documented
  • Significant coaching through the regulatory maze to IC compliance

Customized Testing - to your higher standards!
In certain cases, clients may wish to develop their own reliability standards for specific products. Where your customers demand a higher standard level or you prefer tighter immunity standards to minimize field issues, the Global EMC Team will work closely with you to plan your testing program. Where electromagnetic immunity is required, the minimum standard requirements may not meet your standards of quality assurance.

Global's experts will work closely with you to ensure that extra level of product reliability necessary to distinguish your product in today's competitive market.


  1. Wireless testing and approvals for South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal)
    a. Wireless testing, registration and agent services available.
  2. EMC Testing for SAARC countries
  3. Product Safety testing for India
    a. ISI and STQC marks
  4. Telecom approvals for India (TEC)
  5. Agent services available for filing in SAARC countries.


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