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Monday, March 8, 2010

how to choose a CONSULTANT


Special Report

ISO Management Systems, September-October 2004 Consultants

Consultants: choosing them and using them
Implementing ISO 14001: do you hire a consultant, or Do-It-Yourself?

Should you hire a consultant to help with EMS implementation, or go it alone? What are the advantages and potential pitfalls? How can you get best value for money if you hire a consultant and what are the criteria you should use for choosing one?

Quality management consultants: instructions for use

A decision to implement a QMS may be the organization’s first real contact with the world of ISO 9000 – especially if it is an SME – and many turn to an external consultant for help. The ISO 9000 family will soon include guidelines for making the right choice and the best possible use of QMS consultant.


ISO’s ‘global relevance’ – or how to cause an explosion of interest

Alan Bryden

The months of June and July 2004 saw ISO receive masive news coverage and Web exposure. This was related to two different events that nevertheless underlined an essential characteristcs of ISO's standardization work: "global relevance". ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden shares his reactions to them and on the meaning and significance of the concept.

ISO Insider

  • ISO to go ahead with guidelines for social responsibility
  • Social Responsibility: ISO’s role in development of social opportunity
  • ISO 22000 to ensure integrity of food supply chain
  • Complaints as free advice


  • EMS to help protect Angkor – ‘Crown Jewel’ of Cambodia

Cambodia’s World Heritage site of Angkor is endangered by rapidly increasing tourism, road and hotel construction, and waste. The Cambodian Government, with the support of Japanese institutions, is undertaking a programme of protective measures that will include ISO 14001 implementation.

  • Quality and all that jazz
  • For Japanese SME’s, ISO 9001:2000 is a multi-purpose, multi-benefit tool.

Business Standards

Securing freight containers in international commerce.

Current issue of ISO Focus+

ISO Focus current issueDiscover the current issue of ISO Focus+


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