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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5S Fundas

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5S Photos
Step 1: Sort - "When in doubt, move it out!"

Messy Office - Cluttered, 5S Station - Sign gives clear Red Tagged Items - Unneeded disorganized office in need of instructions on how to sort out office furniture in designated transformation to high unneeded office supplies and "red tag area" is ready for pick up performance work station. furniture. by Surplus Services.
Step 2: Shine - "The best cleaning is to not need cleaning"

Clean Office - The once cluttered Clean Award - An office that truly Shining in action - After sorting, and disorganized office has been shines wins the "Mr. Clean Award" Marianne Bouska scrubs her desk cleaned to shine. at DEED. until it shines.
Step 3: Set in Order - "A place for everything and everything in its place."
Organized Drawer - Office Point- of- Use - Printer paper is Office Supply Station - Common supplies are neatly organized in located directly above the printers office supply area for paper clips drawer. at the point-of-use. and forms to avoid desk clutter.
Step 4: Standardize - "See and recognize what needs to be done."

Labeled Cabinets - Labels on Color Coded Files - Visual Map of Files - Map of files in the outside of the cabinets system for quickly locating workstation where anyone can tell exactly what is inside. files in the file cabinet. easily find files.
Step 5: Sustain - "The less self-discipline you need, the better."

5S Circle - The 5S circle illustrates the commitment required for sustaining a highly efficient workspace.

5S Definition
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