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Friday, January 1, 2010

thermocouples etc

Indian source of thermocouples and technology
An Arcotherm product story

Edited by the Processingtalk editorial team Sep 13, 2004
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Arcotherm, located in the heart of Visakhapatnam, in Hyderabad, India, produces temperature measurement systems and thermocouples plus RTDs of various styles, and is seeking business proposals
Arcotherm is a subsidiary of the Sri Vyshnavi group of companies, located in the heart of Visakhapatnam, in Hyderabad, the coastal city of Andhra Pradesh, India.
We have a talented workforce of experienced professionals have built a place for ourself in the temperature industry by providing high quality instrumentation solutions to various clients since 1993.
During recent years we have achieved a turnover USD1 million.
Arcotherm is associated with the supply and manufacture of temperature measuring instruments, sensors, and cables for all T/C inputs, RTD cables and thermocouple extension wires.
Arcotherm currently exports a wide rage of products to several South Asian countries.
Today, Arcotherm supports many customers in multi-disciplined areas of thermal sensors and instruments related to automation.
The Arcotherm range of products comprises.
Thermocouples : K type (Cr/Al) Thermocouples; J type (Fe/K) Thermocouples; T type (Copper/Constantan) Thermocouples; E type (Chromel/Constantan) Thermocouples; R type (Pt/Pt/Rh) Thermocouples; W type Tungsten; Mineral insulated thermocouples.
PT-100 Rtd : Weather proof RTDs Flame proof RTDs Mineral insulated RTDs.
Temperature Controllers : K type (Cr/Al) temperature controllers; J type (Fe/K) temperature controllers; RTD temperature controllers.
Temperature indicators : K type (CR/AL) Temperature indicators; J type (FE/K) Temperature indicators; RTD Temperature indicators.
All thermocouples are available with compensating cables, with several styles of insulation.
All our products undergo very strict calibration procedure, which is authorized by National Physical Labs, New Delhi.
We have been supplying our products and expertise to a wide array of customer in the sector of power, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer, cement and sugar etc Major clients include: ITC Industries, India Cements, VST Industries, ACC Group, KCP Sugar, Siemens.


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