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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fog Trips Northern Grid, Leads To Blackout , Across 3 States

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Fog sparks 3 train mishaps, 10 dea

Also Trips Northern Grid, Leads To Blackout , Across 3 States


Kanpur / Allahabad: The first dense fog of the season caused almost zero visibility on Saturday, resulting in three collisions involving five trains and a tractortrolley in Uttar Pradesh. Ten people were killed while 49 others were critically injured in the mishaps.
UP was not the sole victim of the weather gods' fury. A thick fog also enveloped Delhi and large swathes of north India, disrupting flights, leading to chaos on roads and resulting in a blackout across Punjab, Haryana and J&K as the northern power grid tripped. With a cable fault compounding the problem, air services went for.a toss in Delhi,leading to delay, cancellation or diversion of over 200 flights.
Eight women and two men were killed when the Bhiwani-Gorakhpur Gorakhdham Express rammed into the stationary New Delhi-Allahabad Prayagraj Express at Pan-

OFF THE TRACKS AND IN THE AIR: Onlookers gather at the accident site after the Delhi-Bihar Licchavi Express rammed in to the stationary DelhiIslampur Magadh Express at Sarai Bhupat near Etawah in UP on Saturday

ki railway station near Kanpur at around 9 am. North-Central Railway; Allahabad zone, general manager Harishchandra Joshi said eight bodies had been identified.
The dead included Shivanand Tripathi, the guard of the Prayagraj Express. The injured have been admitted to hospitals in Kanpur and Etawah and the condition of over a dozen passengers is said to be crit-

ical. The mishaps hit train services. on the busy Delhi-KanpurKolkata trunk route hard.
Passengers travelling in a general coach of Prayagraj Express were trapped inside the mangled bogie for more than an hour. Initially, help came from students of a private engineering college, but villagers of Gangaganj and GRP, RPF, police and railway personnel joined them later.

Cable snag adds to

trouble, air services hit

The first thick fog of the season and a cable fault played havoc . with flight operations at Delhi's IGI airport on Saturday, leading to over 200 domestic flights being delayed, 14 cancelled and 17 intemation services diverted to other cities.
Fog enveloped the airport between 10 pm on Friday and about 2 ~~ Saturday, leading to the vi!
dropping to 50 metres and visibility to around 100 metres.
necessitating the impleme category III-B instrument lanc,~= system operations. However, a -.c.
snag in the cables coimected to ;.'i:
instrument which measures anc provides real-time runway visibifr;
data to the air traffic control to....e· forced the suspension of flight operations for over eight hours.

Senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi and Bahraich Congress MP Kamal Kishore and his wife Poonam Kishore were aboard Praygraj Express, but were unhurt.
An eyewitness said, ''As I saw Licchavi Express crashing into the stationary train, I rushed to the village and alerted the locals."

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I Prophet cartoonist I survives bid on life

, Copenhagen: A Somali man wiel- day night with an axe and a knife.
ding an axe and a knife was shot The 75-year-old artist, who has by police as he tried to kill an artist received previous death threats, who drew a cartoon depicting pressed an alarm and fled with his Prophet Mohainmad that sparked visiting 5-year-old granddaughter outrage in the Muslim world. to a specially made safe room. Officers arrived within two minutes and tried to arrest the as-

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